I fell in love with my bestfriend.. I dated guys while being best friends just to get over him and be able to stay bestfriends... 4years later we hooked up and had sex 3x drunk.... Then he started dating another girl.. I dated another guy but I broke up with the guy because he's really the only thing I think about even though to this day... He's still with the girl ....he hits me up I keep it short I haven't seen him in 2months but still have no want to see him I still wish him the best though in his career and think about him everyday I feel broken.. I can't cry because I miss him anymore
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maybe he feels something for you too? if you had sex while drunk means he got you on his mind too. why do you ry so hard to be just best frieds? you will hurt inside all the time..try talking to him about it? you don't want to be with him? isn't it better to regret something you tried than something you didn't?

You were wrong

I have no way of fixing it

Now start up your life with new

True. Lol only thing is he still texts me to ask for favors or hangout.

That's good

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