I was diagnosed with chronic depression about a year ago, along with schizophrenia. I am completely and utterly alone inside the oblivion that is my own mind.
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Really? What a really rough pair of illnesses. I wish there was a way to pull you out of that.

As do I, and I'm working on that at the moment. Thank you :)

Bonne chance ^.^

I hope you're able to get the help you need. I have a friend that lives with schizophrenia and lives a quite average, healthy life as long as he maintains healthy eating, exercise, and he says unconditional love from a church or pet helps. :) let me know if you want me to ask him any questions. Take care!

Thank you. :) I live an average life as well, and I appreciate your kindness.

Good luck little sister. Be medically compliant and know that as alone as you feel there are people who really do care.

I wish there were more people like all of you in this world, and thank you truly for this.