I am my worst enemy because I hate myself. When I look in the mirror I see a fat,ugly, useless person. I've always have. And I hope one day I can change the way I think about myself but right now I feel like I have no hope.
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Beauty is not a size you wear.

DA DA DA DA! (please read i hope its helpful) O.O dear God go get a drink before reading. I am here to save you! 1) first off I shall tell you a truth are you prepared? To bad you're still reading. Every women on this earth is never the things you describe above, EXAMPLE: Fat, Ugly, Useless, These are all lie. Lets start with Fat, Every woman has beauty within them, Weather they see it or not, When you find your inner beauty that I know you have it shall shine bright on you and make you see the beautiful woman you are in the mirror. Also "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." so no matter what someone says about you you are beautiful and I'm sure its in more than just one person's eyes. So with this being said find that inner beauty you have. Ugly Read before try to keep up, Useless, No one in this world is useless despite gender. We all have a place and a purpose what that purpose is idk you tell me because as humans it's our job to go through life and find that out within ourselves. For example me: I use to feel pretty bad about myself hated life wanted to leave but, that would be unfair to everyone i intend to help with this life to deprive them of someone who might help them. Enough on me anyway If your still reading this Holy Jesus you deserve a cookie, and I hope by this point you realize that you are a beautiful person inside make that beauty shine and it will reflect on you. Not just in the mirror but in life. I hope this helped and please don't feel this way about your self you are a human being someone capable of anything, the body is just to hold the soul we make of it what we want but what we seek are our soul mates. OFF TOPIC imma go byeeeeee.

Thank you!

no problem

Hey hun, you need to change the way you think and look at yourself. You're so young and beautiful, your body has a lot of years to change and really take shape so for now I wouldn't worry about appearance so much but rather the content of your personality and being a good person :)


The exact Same feeling But skinny ugly dude .. Things will change, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Instead of hoping to change your perspective one day, you can start changing it right now. Step away from the mirror and look at your inner self. Surely you must have some admirable qualities. Maybe you're funny, or helpful.
After you've found the good things about your personality, then go to the mirror and look for your best feature. Maybe, you've got pretty eyes, or great hair or something.


Stuff you face and take a nap. You'll feel better soon.

*your.. Whoops

Not really sure whether that's supposed to be rude or not

I guess it's however you choose to interpret it.



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