I personally hate hypocrites more than anything else in this world,but as it turns out, I'm one. I am the biggest hypocrite I know. Corruption is one of the biggest problems of my country, and personally, I think that corrupt cops should be thrown off the force. So, Friday night the cops pulled me over because I had my lights off on my Jeep. When the officer came he noticed I smelled like weed so he pulled me out and started questioning me. I confessed that I had in my possession like 20 grams of weed inside the truck. He told me he was going to call for backup unless we could find another solution to the "situation". So I ended up giving him 60 bucks and my watch. So basically, I went against everything I believe in, just to get out clean...
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

Well first off you should know it isn't smart to drive without your lights on, especially if you're doing it with drugs in the vehicle. Secondly, not having to deal with all the cop bullshit for $60 and a watch sounds worth it. Consider yourself lucky.