And She Is My Girlfriend Too

My wife is straight other than a few fantasies from time to time...but now she is my girlfriend...and I am hers. I realized about a year ago that I was transgendered with a male body and a female soul. My desire is for women though and my wife is the woman in particular...always has been. Well, I realized it pretty much told her then but I guess it wasn't until recently when we were being intimate and I was wearing my bra and panties that it clicked with her and it freaked her out. After some discussion (and two visits to her counselor) she and I are dating...and sleeping together (cause we are married and all) ... But haven't had sex. I guess I am a virgin again. We have been making out very passionately though and I am really happy with it.
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3 Responses Oct 11, 2009

That's awesome news. And I loved the way you said you have a "male body and a female soul." That is a perfect description.

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It is! I love her so much for trying so hard.

Kris,<br />
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I am so happy for you. kissing someone you love is sheer bliss.<br />
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