My Wife Treats Me Like A Slave

Pretty much my life has been chaos and in my youth i had a lot of struggles, I am still in my youth, I am only twenty one and I have a sexy twenty year old wife who has two of my children. After a few months after finding out she was pregnant we got married and things were great... But than after a year we were expecting a second surprise child, This is where things have gone bad, see her mother has had kids with two different guys and has ruined both of there lives over it by mercilesly taking more child support that she deserved. My wife has implied ever since we had our secind child that now that she has two of my kids Im not going anywhere unless I want to get my finances raped for two decades. She never admits when she is wrong but MAKES me kiss her *** over the smallest mistake. She is irrational and will twist words on me if i try to confront her about anything than I somehow end up apologizin? She humiliates me and will make me kiss her feet and tell her i was wrong than she will slap me and say" damn right'. my balls are in a vice grip at this point and I dont dare to **** her off or go against her word anymore. I love her so so much and thats why i am willing to go through this, Its just degrading to have your wife tell you" *****, get me a drink" but thats just one example, I feel that once she realized the unfair child support laws in my state, She has treated me like her ***** because she knows I have no other choice, not only do i dread wage garnishment and huge child support i also love her to death and I cant live without her. She is power tripping and getting some kind of kick out of knowing she practically owns me especially because I was such a wild free spirit that she says" I think its funny a girl like me broke your spirits and made you pathetically whipped'". Now most guys would walk away and I would but I love her so much and I just want to be with her and unfortunately it turns me on sometimes when she treats me like crap so she knows that she can literally walk on me and I will according to her "pathetically come crawling right back" see it was a forplay thing at first but now its gotten to her head and she treats me like her slave all the time now. I dont think it will ever stop, I cant leave her and she knows it and she likes being dominant. Its hard especially when you feel stuck, Its hard feeling like a prisoner in your own home and its hard sucking up my pride and letting this happen but there are ways to cope, I have found(some find this odd but we all have our preferences) that learning how to enjoy it sexually is best. Than you wont mind the treatment cause you will be constantly horny. Now remember I am not pathetic or stupid I am just tied down to her so i have no choice but to take it, Remember her mom is narrotic and a lawyer,  and wants to see me suffer, YIKES!!!
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I am also my wifes slave.<br />
For many years I have had a fetish for womens feet. Through a series of situations that arose I was able to get to kiss and sniff my wifes feet with her permission. This was all very nice at first and I got a huge kick out of it.<br />
However she now uses it to her advantage. She has threatened to tell people about this if basically I don't do as she says.<br />
I have to do every single household chore cooking, cleaning,shopping any errands etc. If she wants a drink a meal she just tells me what to get and what to do. There are no pleases or thank yous she just really does treat me as slave.<br />
This morning I was up at five doing the ironing before I went to work so I would have time tonight to do other chores.<br />
I have to clean her shoes including the soles with my tongue sometime she doesn't evem wear them just hands them to me to lick clean. I never everhave sex but she has oral relief and toys whenever she wants I get nothing.<br />
Be careful people what you wish for. My life is awful I am stuck with a lazy slob who will not let me out of this. I have no one to turn to and no where to go, I am literally a blackmailed slave. It has been like this for two years now. I am made to do everything and I am constantly exhausted while she is buzzing and wide awake<br />
If you fantacise about being a slave just leave it as a fantasy. if it gets out of hand like mine did you will have no quality of life

You sound very confused. Being a slave is a dream for many people. You need to decide if it is what you really want. If it is not the lifestyle you want then you need to talk to your wife about it. If she is not willing to change then say good-bye. A relationship where one partner does not care for the other is not healthy and will not work. Let me repeat that - It will not work! Child support is not the end of the world. If you are not happy now, then in the long run you and the kids will be better off if you separate now.

When you start exploring this lifestyle ( which I find is soo f'ing hot ), you will find that it's the humiliation that turns you on. Tell her that you will do all the housework, which you might already do, and take care of the kids while she goes out and has many boyfriends that service her on a regular basis. The proper term is 'cuckold'. If all this turns you on, have her lock you in chastity while she abuses the sh*t out of you. I would love,love,love to be in your predicament and am trying everyday to get my wife to cuckold me, so to me, you are so lucky because some woman are uncomfortable dominating and men like me hunger deeply for it.