Finally,i Am Myself ! :d

i came across this group and it reminded me of how once people wanted me to change to their wishes and back then i felt if i change as they want they will start being my friends and like me better but i feel i was a fool in that, in a timeperiod of 3 yrs i realized that when i learnt to be my true self and be what i am and be myself people started loving me,i have more friends today and i am a happier person being myself than being someone fake and just trying to please somone.

i think being myself and then being appreciated for what i am is what feels the best :)

Different people might want us to change different characters that we possess. What one says is nice might be bad to the other,so if we are to change for them all and be what they want ,throughout and lifelong that will be the only thing we will be doing and can never be happy :)

so i say be what you are and let people accept you for what you are ....
We are all always unique and that's what makes us the real ones we are. ;)
Nishathomas Nishathomas
18-21, F
May 18, 2012