All Single Guys, Take Your Best Shot

hi i'm ???, single white female 20. yeah ok i'm also the most naive freakin' idiot on this earth.  (i'm a drama queen.)  anyways really if you're a single guy who's got everything i don't want and nothing i need, I WILL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU MINE LOL.  if you're scared of commitment, if you have a kid, if you drink, do drugs, don't have an education, and yell at me, i will apparently fall completely for you!  for fun you couldquit your job (if you've ever had one).  oh but i can change!!! oh yeah i will show ya the way, make you a better man.  HIDEOUS.  i disgust myself with my ridiculous optimism, even though i second guess myself the whole way through.  all a guy has to do is be sweet to me for like 3 weeks and i'm in there.  totally hooked.  maybe not hooking up lol but hooked.  issues maybe?  definitely.  i want to be a *****!  a ***** with standards too! even a stuck up one.  i hate boys.  grrrrrrrrrrr.  however, if you do have any of these qualities i'm sure we'll meet soon, and ya know what?  i really do change these boys and make them better men FOR OTHER WOMEN.  hadsjfhaeulwrhgujndljfhds  that's how i feel about that.
Esperanza Esperanza
18-21, F
5 Responses Jul 16, 2007

People try to change others... But they really want to change themselves.

you sound like fun

I know exactly what you mean........I'm like a magnet to the worst of the worst! If they do drugs, have mental issues, need a shoulder to cry on, etc...they come to me!! It's so easy to say you will be strong but so hard to do it!

I CAN SOOO identify here! My Ex is the hoodrat turned good boy thanx to me proving I COULD live without him in my life. It was learning to convince myself that kept me in the situation too long! Still, I had to give stupidity another shot! So I went from smart, deceptive, thug to Redneck! Right now I'm tired, and stupidity is a bliss... man, wish I'd wake up and smell the coffee before it gets TOOOOOO stale!=}

We should really never attempt to be with someone to change them "for the better." I've found that it is an all-around weak foundation for relationships or friendships, etc... Nobody wants to be changed by someone else. <br />
However, it does sound like you are recognizing certain "patterns" which is a good thing. But acting on it is another. I know that feeling.