I Am Naked All The Time Well Not Quite All The Time But I Am Naked Now!

the weather is hot & I'm sitting around in da nude! now I try to be Naked All The Time
I went for a drive last night Naked! I love being Naked I would just like to know other Naked people!
woopisingle woopisingle
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I hear that you're required to be nekkid when you're on EP. :-)

Isn't it in some agreement that we had to promise to follow when we joined EP?

They better not because he EP police are everywhere.

Yep! I heard the same that's why I'm naked now!

Don't wary about the EP police being everywhere! I can be nude whenever & wherever I want & I'm naked now!

What I meant was that if the EP police came around and you were not naked you would really be in a lot of trouble.

I wasn't aware of this rule, but thankfully, I am nearly always naked while at home, so I think I'm safe!! (Whew!)

I know what ya mean. Sometimes I think about putting something on but then I get scared that "they" might be looking and come in and violate me.
But then I might be tempted to entice them into violating me. :-)

A little violation now and then can be fun!

A little violation now and then is fun!


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