If at no other time in my day I am able to be naked I am shedding the clothes before I get in bed.  I love to sleep naked. It makes me feel free and I think it opens my dreams to exploration. 

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i agree love sleeping nsked


Sure man, ofcourse! But it's also popular for the reason I insinuated. =)

Getting naked is popular because that is our natural condition. We arn't born with clothes and our species does not need them to survive. They would limit our inhabital area slightly however.


wow getting naked is popular eh. <br />
<br />
I bet there's a reason!

hehe! I thought it was to save money and to help the environment lol.

True that DC!<br />
<br />
Nudy! You know you are so right.

Hmmm...you so right...skin on skin is heavenly.... dc :-)

Tummie, well if you had someone in that bed with you it would feel oh so right. Just wait lol.<br />
<br />
MMM!!!! skin on heavenly skin. You being just the plain skin of course lol.

Mmmm cant wait to sleep next to you, skin to skin ;)

I tried sleeping naked in bed once...it just didnt feel right for some reason :(

:) thanks y'all!

Naked is good anytime....total freedom from binding clothing!!

The only time i sleep clothed is when i am at a friends house.

I do that as well, especially on laundry days.

How about being naked all day long,i.e. cleaning, cooking, even frying bacon {ouch} on occasion!!!

Very much so.

I love naked all the time.


If you are going to sleep naked on a sunny beach, you better have a budy there to tell you when to turn over. You might be just a little over done on one side. Purple is not a good color on a human. lol


Nothing wrong with sleeping naked in bed AT ALL! <br />
Or anywhere for that matter! <br />
<br />
I have yet to experience sleeping naked on a beach on a nice sunny day. I'm sure that is potentially very freeing!

Good advice.

Mother, just relax and let yourself go.



I not only sleep naked in bed; I am very seldem covered by anything other than God's own breezes.

Oh it is such an awesome feeling for me. I hope you can experience it too some day.

PF, I can understand. I have women in my bed, my sister sleeps there she is working night shift.<br />
<br />
Mother, It takes getting used to it for some people. <br />
<br />
Sam, However you are comfortable. Just don't wake me up lol. <br />
<br />
SP, It is very freeing.


LOL Pfun.

Awesome Sammael. Come on over then. You will like it. It is this great big antique Victorian bed. I have all these nice soft inviting linens on it.

Hehe! My boyfriend may not like that too much but you can have one of my other beds.


It's become my most comfortable way to sleep :)

Exactly, for a moment I dated a man that was prudish and he turned his nose up to me when I told him that. Do I have to tell you that was our last date? I am not going to be with a man that I can't be naked with.

It does feel nice to feel free and nothing to get tangled in (freedom)