As If You Didn't Know

     Listen to this, I have been reading fungirlmmm's story about being naked in bed and I have made three or four comments on it today.  She is a great friend with a good sense of humor and I enjoy commenting on her stories.  But today I thought to myself, "**** that *****.  I will write my own story."   (Fungirlmmm, please don't get mad.  I really don't call you a ***** in my head.  Only, I guess, In my stories.   lol (I hope).

     When I am in bed, I am naked.  Even in the hospital, I am naked.  Those friends who don't believe me can look in my pictures and see for themselves.  Those who are't my friends may be glad they don;t have to wound their eyes like that.  I'm not naked because I'm horny, or too poor to  buy clothes.  I am naked because it seems like the natural state for me. 

     Naked is freedom.  Naked is honesty.  Naked is sensual.  Naked is fun.  Naked means you don't make your penis sore trying to **** through your fly.  It also means an easier clean up afterward.

     It is enjoyable to socialize with other people who are naked.  It is fun to eat a good dinner with friends who are also naked.  And it is very much fun to sleep in a pile of blankets together with your friends who are also naked.  Sometimes you wake up to a hand on your **** and a quiet blow job and sometimes you wake up and place a finger gently in someone's *****, slowly waking them up to a climax. 

     Hey, did I tell you guys that I sleep naked in bed?:)

mewold mewold
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6 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Well, my son and daughter have seen me naked all their life and if their soon to be's havent seen me naked, they are in for a treat. lol

......rock on ......I am not brave enough for that!!!

Suz, I know. My kids all moved out, then came back with their gf's. I stay pretty much naked and if they don't like it they can stay in their rooms. None of them seem to mind.

Mewold, I love to sleep naked, the sheets against my skin.....ahhh yes, when our teens move out (which doesn't look like soon) I will sleep like this every night!

Fungirlmmm, I don't mind not getting into your panties, but can I watch???

Hey, fungirlmmm,. yours and a thousand others, and that is just this month.

Great post mewold and no offense taken on my part. I think that is funny and now the whole world knows you want to get in my panties. well if I was wearing any. I embrace my inner attention wh*re every chance I get and thankfully I have a man who indulges me with as much attention as I could possibly ever need. LOL He is wonderful and a HUNK!