Like others here, I am nude under my clothes!  If I drop my shorts and take of my shirt, my body is nude and I am like I am at home, wearing only my flip flops!  Even though I have clothes on I feel very free at the store or wherever where evryone else has two or thre layers of clothes on!  I hope that the laws are changed so that we do not have to have even one layer!!

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9 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Yes they can in the right location under the right circumstances, just not when you hands come off the hood of a police car!

In the bedroom yes, in front of a police cruiser, no! lol

Handcuffs can be fun under the right circumstances :-)

Unfortunately, unless I want to be in handcuffs, when I go out in public, such as the grocery store, I must don some clothes! lol

No not even near to showing anything! I would rather be nude than anything else, but showing as an exhibitionist is not really what I want to do.

Ever have your penis sneaking out of your shorts leg? Remember the Friends episode when Phoebe's boyfriend gave everyone a good view up his shorts legs?

I definitely know what you mean about one la<x>yer! Some people think I'm weird because I wear one easy to remove la<x>yer (a dress) rather than several tight-fitting skimpy ones.

It may not happen any time soon, but I have no doubt that it will happen!

I doubt that will ever happen but at least you can enjoy being free when you are at home :-)