Why Is Nudity So Frowned Upon By The US Society.

How have we arrived at this place in time where violence is so socially acceptable and nudity is taboo. Take television programing. The display of violence just grows and grows. The several CSI Shows alone puts us over the top. To a growing child I would think that seeing bloody body parts splashed all over their living room TV screen would do far more harm to their development than a set of exposed breasts on a pair of naked butt cheeks. I am not talking public displays of sexual activity .Please understand the difference between sex and nudity. Nudity is just so natural. Yet we have to hide behind closed doors to be comfortable in our own skin? In these dog days of summer the last thing we should be doing is putting on clothes. Sun tan lotion for sure, but clothes, a big NO. Who is making all these rules of right and wrong any ways? No one has asked for my take on these matters. Any beach that I have walked down in my life I have found people wearing T-shirts plastered with words that should not be spoken in public let alone written. (Eat Blank, Blank You) But let a ladies nipple be exposed and all hell breaks loose. Remember that super bowl half time show of not too many years ago?

I guess I should not be surprised that a country founded by a group seeking freedom of religion would start us off with such values. I never had much use for organized religion. Look at history. Those same Puritans that founded the good old US of A, bannished any one that did not believe in their values. That says a lot about their thirst for freedom. Look in any century you can always find a group killing in the name of some kind of supreme being. The World Trade Center Loss is our generations example. I would not follow any group or God that wanted me to kill for them, her or he.

How can we change all of this? Is it possible? I am sure that the number of good people walking nation out weigh the bad.
I just want be naked and happy. Anyone want to join in?
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

The attitude in the US that gun ownership is normal, but that nudity is not, has always struck me as very strange.

I feel better already Gatorman. Nice to know that I am not alone in my thinking.

Not a lot of deep thought in here I guess.