Skinny Dipping...

I was 19 and home alone. My wife was out shopping with some friends so I decided to go for swim. There was no one around and it was dark out so I ******** and got in. It felt so good to be in the pool naked. My wife had gotten me all wound up before she left but there was no time for us to ****. I was still horny and kinda hard. I was standing in front of the water jet letting it message my c**k when the neighbors daughter came around the corner. She said " I thought I heard someone it the pool". It was dark enought that she couldn't tell I was nude. I told her that I was about to get out soon and go to bed, but she ask if she could swim, hesantly I said yes. Thinking to my self now what am I going to do I'm naked and hard and now there is a smoking hot 16 year getting in the pool. As she starts to get in she says I hope u don't mind but I don't have a suit and begins to stip. my heart began to race as I said its ok. She got in naked as as the day she was born. Tried to keep my distance but she kept getting closer and closer as we were splashing each other and then it happens. She touch my c*ck. To my surprise she smiled and took it in her hand and began to stroke it. It felt so good, but I pushed her away and said we should not be doing this. She smiled again and came back to me and pressed her body against mine and said no one has to know I won't tell. Then she kissed me and I could stop my self. We made out for awhile as we *********** each other. Then I set her up on the side of th pool and began to lick her p** sy. She was extremely wet and just as she slid back into the pool for us to **** her mom start calling for her to come home. So I had to finish alone.
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good story but be careful. she just might tell and it would be hell for you. but I don't know that I would have behaved differently. I'll bet that ***** tasted so goood.