Natural "ness"

I am glad to have found my natural texture and so many styles to do with it. I was brought up with straight hair and no choice otherwise but later removed all that and have enjoyed it.  From coils to twists to roller sets, I am having a good time. Would love to see more people appreciating their natural form, though I know it isn't easy!

caramelpeace caramelpeace
36-40, F
4 Responses Nov 30, 2009

You are refreshing I live in an all black city. Population around 80,00 and how many women from this 80,000 have I seen in public with natural hair styles? Zero. It's all about weave here the longer and straighter the more popular it is to wear it. That is why I say you are a breath of fresh air. You keep sporting your own beautiful natural hair and bea light that shines and stands apart from the "black sheeple"

Thank you all and yes that would be great! Relaxers "scare me" now.. Lol

Amen sister! I think more people should go with the texture of the hair ! (from a hairdresser)

I agree ...its like another side of you that you never relize exsits within you..I think people don't like looking at there natural texture becuase its not modern but at the end o the day I can accept me for me with out any added fetures and that is a wonderful feeling ...