The Rain Dance Of Mine

I doubt I would have shared this story, because it sounds to far out. However, I have a witness who was there, and it was on the 5 o'clock news, and there were three cars destroyed, and two motor homes damaged, all people who got quite quite pissed as they eventually heard me. The quote that motivated me is from a friend, and goes like this:
                                Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain...

So, up front, in college, my sophomore year, I was a spiritual seeker and have been a student of metaphysics all my life.  I am currently getting my PhD, because of too many experiences like this.  At the time I was studying Carlos Castaneda, not reading, studying.  My teacher was Timothy Leary at the time, and I was exploring my Native American heritage, Cherokee, my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee.  I was using hallucinogenics at the time along with meditation, sweat lodges, drums and dancing.  Anyway, my spiritual partner and tripping buddy and I ate a bunch of acid and went for a walk in Town Park in Austin (I think it was town Park, I get them confused, that one and the one that winds around and overlooks the Colorado River out in the country, the other one is downtown, we were in the country) anyway, as always, Mike, attracted animals when we were tripping. Usually dogs, I don't mean one or two, but after an hour into the walk, we would have 15 or 20 dogs all playing with us and hanging out until we came down and left.... it was great.  This day, I was well inside the consciousness of my Cherokee spirit, not talking or playing with the dogs and at the midpoint of my trip.  We were sitting on a cliff, about 125 feet above the river, a straight down fall to your death if you spazzed out on the cliff.  And down below was a campsite, with people camping, car camping, tent camping, motor home camping, playing in the river whatever.  As I was sitting on the cliff a hawk came flying  from across the river and began coasting over the campers. He was beautiful. But, with no warning, my vision of the campers from where I was, changed to the hawks view.  I was coasting, drifting over the campers, and realized I was looking for prey.  Now when your triping time isn't there, it is measured by space, and for about 200 yards, I was slowly checking out the campers. I had my mind, not the hawks, but I was 200 feet above these people watching them flying in his body. 

Mike said something, disturbed me and instantly I was back on the cliff.  Now I started this trip with a 2 hour meditation on my Cherokee heritage, and that was all that my mind was on the entire time up until now. Without telling Mike yet, I responded to him by jumping up on the edge of the cliff, and started a dance and concentrating on the concept of shape shifting, of experiencing other forms, something Carlos Castaneda, the History of the Hopi's, and the Cherokees among others all talked about from different perspectives, although the same thing.  After a while, I remembered my harmonica in my pocket, something I was never without, it was my right hand, and I pulled it out and started playing it, staring at the sky and the few white cotton clouds of the Texas sky.  I was about 3 feet from the cliff edge while doing this, but felt not out of place, and every now and then the hawk flew back the other direction about a hundred feet from me, and I wanted so bad to repeat the thing that had happened.  I was playing my harp, not any recognizable tune but to me, dancing, looking at the sky and the hawk, when I saw a little black cloud that wasn't there a minute ago, almost on the horizon, about 2 or 3 miles from it.  The horizon, from as high as we were on the cliff was 15 to 20 miles away at least, and in the hill country of Texas, was a phenom of nature like no other.

I was ecstatic from the hawk thing, joyous, and one with my universe, and after the cloud appeared and I couldn't do the hawk thing, I yelled out to Mike, that I was going to make the cloud zig to the left as far as we could see. I closed my eyes, and went into a trance, played my harp and was dancing to what I thought was Cherokee, or native American style. After a while, I looked and the cloud had moved about 15 miles to the left. I grew almost hysterically joyous and said to Mike, now I'm going to make it move to the right and come toward us. to make a long story short, I did, or it did.  During the next space of time, each time I told Mike what I was going to do and then closed my eyes, tranced out, danced, and the cloud did what I said it was going to do. I ziggged it 5 times, bringing it right over us and the campers. This was the only black cloud in the sky, and by the time it was over us the only cloud in the sky.

Mike had become speechless and his expression was frozen in a look of fear as he watched the cloud, and me dancing, and listening to this primal music I was playing. I don't know any other word than primal, for it had no melody, no harmonic, no particular timing. It was just coming from somewhere deep inside me, with no thought to it. I was in a pure state of ecstasy, joy, oneness, I was the Godhead. I was having FUN, the essence of
pure joy coursed through my body like no other time in my life.  I was speechless, except when I said what I was about to do.  And I was alternatively looking down at the Colorado, being 2 to 3 feet from the cliff edge, and looking up at the sky, all the while dancing crazily. And I should mention I am an inhibited person when it comes to dancing.  i don't. for whatever "shrink" of a reason, i just don't expose myself that way. I also have a fear of heights and falling. None of these things bothered me. I had total trust in the Universe, myself, God, and whatever forces were at play at the time.

All of a sudden, I just shouted at Mike standing 4 feet back form the cliff, frozen by fear and staring, watching me, tripping in his own mind, "AND NOW I'M GOING TO MAKE IT RAIN" The cloud was about 300 feet above us by then. And I went back to my dervish Cherokee music and dancing.  And it started raining. Not slowly summer June raining.  Pouring great big drops that hurt when they hit.  Mike dove for a  Mesquite Bush, and I just started laughing and playing, dancing and getting soaked, and then I as quick as ever, without  thinking, screamed as loud as I could, "AND NOW IT'S GOING TO HAIL !!."  And golf ball size hail came pouring down. At first I was so hysterical with joy and happiness and laughter, that for about 15 seconds I just danced in the hail. And then it began to hurt, and I too dove under the Mesquite bush with Mike. It hailed long enough for the dogs to disappear, and to cover the ground with in some places two layers of hail. Then quit.  Before it quit, I looked at Mike, laughing, and giggling, and to my dismay, he was frozen in fear and staring at me. I asked him what was wrong, he wouldn't speak. After it quit hailing, he stood up, and began walking rapidly to the car not speaking to me.  I followed, got in the car with him and drove back to the house we shared with three other students. Mike wouldn't talk the whole 45 minute walk and drive home.  And when we got home, he went to his room and locked the door.

I sat down on the couch, crossed my legs and just sat there smiling and still tripping, experiencing the aftermath, and joyously happy.  A roommate came in, and sat down, and mentioned that I must have been tripping because I had the Cheshire grin on my face. He then talked of the rain cloud.  At five, he turned the TV on to watch the news (a real news junkie) and the lead story came on, describing the unique hail storm, showing the cars and damage, and interviewing the campers. Tom, the roommate, asked me, "Isn't that where you said you and Mike were going today?" We had, but hadn't decided to trip yet. I just said yes, and that it rained and hailed while we hid under a tree.

Now, either I on some level I knew what was about to happen and called it, or it was coincidental that me and the hawk did our thing and the cloud and I did our thing, or I on some level made it happen.  I have yet to figure it out conclusively. I have my idea, after 30 years of metaphysical studies, and practices, but I will let you have your own.

So, my friend, you are so right.  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain...

Thank you for giving me the courage or wherewithal, or timing to tell this story. I should mention, that Mike and I still communicate, he is still in Texas and is a most excellent craftsman/artist custom one piece at a time furniture builder, and I am in West Virginia a student, disabled (chronic illness, nothing physically limiting am one of the lucky ones) and after 30 years, he still won't talk to me about this, except to acknowledge that it did happen. And for those of you who say Yeah, they were eating LSD, there is no thing as identical mass hallucinations, not to mention, the only hallucination I ever had was at 50, and 35 hits of acid, with Grace Slick and 3 friends as witnesses this time. Beats me too.

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Hi Michael, just found this site! Would you want to try this again and make some rain in California? How about Somerset, California?
I emailed the Governor to try to get some tribal people together that still do or still remember the actual rain dances! We have to try to do something about the drought for the animal and farmers that have such a hard time!
Can you think yourself into going a really good deed?
Maybe you can again have this amazing experience!
Best regards, Ingrid
Or maybe you came across others that are legit with the custom?

Thanks gabriel... this keeps on teaching as time goes by. I have entertained more thoght from here than any of my ( at least most of any of my....) other stories.When the student is ready... An interesting read I just started, "Navigating the Collapse of Time - A Peaceful Path Through the End of Ilusions" by David Ian Cowan

Hi Mary, I would like to add you to my circle, so if it's okay click the button? You sound like a seeker and a mystic too. If you are we could enjoy sharing a little time with each other.<br />
Thanks for reading... and enjoying!<br />

Thank you Mike and I have added you to my circle....I am weird,,,but its ok God made me..and I know how much he loves me....I love creation and I want everyone to be in heaven with me....but no one is going anywhere that thinks that they are better than anyone else...I am as low as the lowest...and as high as the highest....and anyone can be there...but everyone is Love and LIght at the highest people need to stop being *** wholes...and start focusing on the Love and Light Vibration...people need to smooth things over with the Mother...she is the one takening in all that she feels...and unless people start vibrating Love and LIght...she is going to explode...and the Father is right beside her....helping create all the distruction....I pray that Love and Light Unight the whole world...other wise you know it rains on the just as well as the unjust....I would love to talk to you any time...Love and Light Mary

I have been messing with weather for a long time now....My friends call me mary mother nature...Hahahaha.....I love my life and you can come and bad mouth me any time buddy....Love and Light Mary

Well come and hate on me YoNa......Do you know what H.I.P.P.I.E. stands for Happy Intelegent People Persueing Infient Enlightenment.......My sister told me the first time I did acid she said she could not tell any difference in that is weird....just told me that I do not need to have drugs.....I trip all by myself 24/7.....And the hawks are the messengers....My beloved and I have hawk medicine...Love and Light Mary

jeez theres a bunch of hippies and acid junkies on here. yes athena, i am a demon. a demon that will torment the happy souls of the people on this website. ooohhh you better be scared.... hahaha what a weirdo.

Sue, your so right about LSD showing you the mountain peaks but not how to climb them. It's that how to that is the individuals responsability for the "how" part. And I have come to find that the more often I tripped, the more access to the awareness of the intuitive guidance to the how to part. But it is a tool, not a magic bullet, and like all things spiritual, or metaphysical, requires discipline, and prayer, and ritual. At least that was my experience. Otherwise I found the whole experience to be an intense stoner recreational experience :-')<br />
Thank you for taking the time to read and commenting , you can see one peson got rather upset... and it still bothers me that he is lieing in his rut, not a lot but oh well....<br />
I should say that I no longer have these experiences anymore. LSD takes, for me on this level, too much energy, and I don't seem to have that level of juice flowing in me at 59 :-)<br />
be safe on your journey,<br />
<br />
namaste,<br />
<br />

Hi Mike,<br />
<br />
Well this post is certainly intense. I have tried LSD a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that it shows you the mountain peaks but doesn't show you how to climb the mountain. I have experienced periods of out of body materializations but nothing on as grand a scale as this. Everything I have materialized spiritually has been able to be explained logically by the people around me as coincidences or luck. Only I know these experiences are spiritual because of the regularity and direction I am able to exert on them. Lately I have been thinking of breaking into the realm where there is no question about their supernatural origin. But for me I can only materialize when there is a legitimate need. <br />
Anyways this is a great story and very insightful for me and is one more sign that my time for rising above material limitations is at hand.

Of course, thanks for sharing the link! I would hope my music speaks the same truth my words do. From my perspective, the music I create is the same that I have always created over time, but with new technology and software, it can be taken to an even higher level! <br />
<br />
Yes, it is dificult to find people who are shaman because in this day and age most people are so far away from their roots. BLESSINGZ!!!

PA, I appreciate your post and thank you. It's difficult finding people who relate to this type of experience. Great website, your music is primal and soulful, I hope you don't mind posting your website here, I really liked it, and thouht it should be shared. If I did wrong, message me and I will remove it, I take it that it's yours, your pic is the same :-').. May you and your girl, your life continue helping others understand theirs....<br />

I have never seen a situation so clearly. On one hand, we have the honorable shaman opening his heart to his earth family, sharing a life changing experience so that others might learn, grow, and activate areas of the brain ancients have been activating with purified intention forever.<br />
<br />
On the other hand, we have 'Yona', the demon, the tormentor, a soul that trembles and is not still. How sad you are Yona to come hear to this open community and try to make people you have never met feel YOUR negativity. Only a fool innapropriately discharges negative energy in this way, because it is equal to ******* in the wind, karmically speaking.<br />
<br />
Yona, you have brought shame to yourself and your eternal soul, and now you have set yourself up to be the receiver of the nasty karma you released. May the Mother Spirit of the World hold you in her womb so that you might cultivate wisdom, compassion, understanding, and love.<br />
<br />
RM, thanks for sharing your story, it is inspiring to say the very least! Travel well in your continued journeys...we have never met but I am sure we knew each other sometime in the future or past...blessings.<br />
<br />

Hey boy, I don't have any feathers to ruffle, I am not selling anything. This must be the story of your life, I didn't mention anything about that. My life involves traveling the globe three times, multiple degrees, and a lifestyle that has no room for gangsta clothes and the education they represent on you. Since you couldn't make the connection the Palin comment was a reference to the lack of education and world view usually held by a fundamentalist and ignorant person without the benifit of an ability to draw upon a wide variety experiences. It's been my experience that apathy is a function of illiteracy, and an inabiltiy or a fear to take a stand for something. And by definition you seem to be the one taking the internet way too seriously, you have yet to pose a question in any of your dialogue. If it is all that important that you win again, what with the standards you set being so low, send me your address and I'll send you a little plastic trophy for your lonely little shelf.<br />
<br />
If you have any questions, please pose them. At least we might both learn something from all this.<br />
Or just hide in your costume, and wait for the spirit in the sky to enlighten you. And again, I guess, with such an extended vocabulary, I'll give you the win, since it's so important to you. Now you have two!

haha yes! i win you lose! story of your life huh? haha. ya know i ruffled your feathers pretty easy there man. you're probably like one of those old guys that are anal about everything and takes stuff ON THE INTERNET way too seriously.<br />
<br />
p.s. where the hell did the palin, tea party thing come from? don't drag that bs into this. politics are like high school drama on the national level. i'm with the APATHETIC party. you and politics can go suck dong.

Yes dude, your right it is 2010, and the amount of education and growth in understanding of all things physical and metaphysical includes volumes beyound 1327, if that is indeed where your getting your info from. dude, not looking for a ******* contest, you know what you do know from your life expreriences, why think that is all there is in this world? Like I have posted elsewhere, minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open. If this upsets you, stick with Sara Palin and the tea party, they don't ask you to look very far for discovery either. Quit trying to sell what you have, there is a great big world out there. Your ego is far larger than mine, you win.

jeez dude write me a novel why dont ya. ya know i don't even know what the hell you're talkin about in most of this. and i dont know about cherokees using hallucinigins in the past but u know what, its freakin 2010 not 1327! im pretty sure hallucinigins are illegal now. who gives a **** if indians used it back in the day. oh and i thought the part were you told me you had to down some brewskies to "open this part of yourself" was pretty funny. i think that if u dont have the testicular fortitude to say what you want without the help of booze, then u probably dont need to say it at all.

YoNa, it's apparent that you have not come across information about transpersonal psycholgy, granted a seemingly "white man's" area of study to you and develping percerction today, (not meaning to imply that it is only a white man's area, there are many or all races studying this, I was just refering to your implication of me...) altough Carl Jung brought it into the conversation of psychologhy/philosophy early last century, so your comments are fitting for your understanding of the world. The fact that it took a halluciniginic experience to unlock the chambers of my mind to allow such an experience to occur with me doesn't deter from the experience itself. I admit that my grammer and spelling are atrociuous in my strory, it did take a few beers to open this part of myself..., as I have never spoken to a public forum about it, for reasons that make your comment obvious. I posted it looking for someone who had a similar experience, to begin a discussion,or someone who was more open for a discussion than you. I'm not selling it. The fact that native americans, historically have used hallucinigens for their spiritual practices is historical fact. If you were to study your history, Cherokee as well as other tribes, you would come across more information supporting this than you might imagine. This is part of my research in obtaining my PhD in metaphysics, and I hope your comment doesn'[t dissuade others from posting a comment or question that might lead to a discussion bringing myself to a greater understanding of my experience. Also, YoNa, there are many thousands, (millions) of Americans with a variety of Native American heritage in their ancestry, though I can see from your comment you might be too defensive about whoever you are to acknowledge other's realities. I hope you find some peace, and a better ability to communicate so that rather than shutting down a learning opportunity, you might be able to open one without feeling you have to deny something within yourself or others. As Frank Herbert, through his characters (often) says, "Fear is the mind killer." Mike

this IS bullshit. your nothin but whacked out hippie acid junkie, you loser.