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JieJie is not a good material to play basketball, although 187 of the height, but the unhappy running jump high enough, the only thing he can do is pitch shot.JieJie close my eyes, he most enjoy this feeling intoxicated, feeling make him think of her.

??He was once a very quiet person, on the basketball beyond high school will choose a side everyone's expectations

??One end of the high, JieJie was the class teacher called the office.  Out of the office, he was feeling extremely low. He decided to go play basketball for a while. I kept hinking,  in open court repeatedly practicing shooting. Then he cast the not very good, always cast or cast a low distortion. Upside down in the pop-up to Roll all the way, A refer hate eized the ball.Because he thinks it is playing the poor performance.

??He admired the United States to play street basketball master the ball to the unity of the realm of human ball

??However, he always can not.

  Then a girl appeared in court. The first moment he saw her liked her. Since then his every shot for her. Reason girls are cute, they have always commensurate with the students. So, after a day to day, his game better and better. Finally, when sophomore, on the school basketball team. That he wear Authentic NHL Jerseys to match.

  This game is won. He is also and immersed in the study. Later, the girls left there. But he did not say if he most wanted to say "Actually,why do you know I shot cast time? Because every shot, I think you are."

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