Pass The Peace Pipe My Kindred

my grand mother on my dads was born on the reservation,full blooded,my grandfather on my moms side was 98%,id like to be able to post my grand-mothers pic. on here,but i'm not computer savy,
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Hi. You and I have spoken before. I respect you and I feel that you respect me. Hope all is well with you. I am fighting the fight of life. Trying to live each day as I wish to live my live. Peacefully and kind. The stories I heard about my Greatgrandmother was that her mother died while they were walking a long walk. She told my Grandmother who married her son-my Cherokee/Irish Grandfather-in or around 1917-my mother was born in 1918-that her mother was not the only one to die. She said a lot of people died. She was 4 years old at the time. My Grandmother asked her who took care of her after your mother died? She replied that all the other women became her mother and treated her really well and they took care of her. She told my Grandmother that she saw her father at that time. That he knew her mother died and came. She said he had long black hair and wore buckskins with fringe. Sounds like one of the roundups to me. Evidently she and others escaped as she told my Grandmother that she met my Greatgrandfather when they were camped by a creek. They ran off together. This was probably in Georgia. In the late or mid 1800s they moved to Alabama when they were giving land to Homestead. My Greatgrandfather would not let her sign up for Government money when it was offered. He said they'd had enough trouble about her being "Indian" and it would just cause more. So it is. But, I am here today because of it. I never knew her and my mother is the only one of my Grandfather's 4 daughter's to have known her. She said she loved her as well as liked her. The sadness caused by the Europeans has caused a deep scar in the Native American peoples, but with meditation and kindness that can change. Meditate and believe.

Cherokee - the peaceful nation