Didn't Know Such A Small Amount Counted...

I recently learned that I am 1/32nd Cherokee, which apparently is a notable amount of Cherokee. I knew that my husband was 1/32nd Cherokee or more because his grandmother is absolutely very Native American-looking. When she was younger, she had very long, very thick black hair that she got from her father. I didn't know that such a small amount was even worth noting until this whole blow up over Elizabeth Warren, who is also 1/32nd Cherokee (and the president of Cherokee Nation is 1/32nd as well). Well, then my grandfather informed me that his grandfather was a full blooded Cherokee man. It's really quite interesting to think of how blended everything is and I sort of wish that this had been pushed more in school. If a lot of people have some distant relative who was Native American or Indigenous, then it is very relevant to teach more about the culture in schools. I did get a sampling of it when we had a Native American chief visit our school to talk about the culture with us, I just wish there was more tie-in to each student's own roots.
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The Cherokee Nation elects a chief, not a president.