Cherokee Indians & Wolves

My Cherokee indian ancestors came from these mountains in Virgina, and i know this sounds crazy to whomever is reading this but im a werewolf and i was wanting to know if Cherokee indians believed in shapeshifting(especially into a wolf). So was there wolves in Virgina 200 years ago? And if anyone knows about More about Cherokee indian shape-shifters feel free to comment.

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Obama is a shapeshifter. Fact! Google it!

You are not crazy I'm the same as you im also half Cherokee and one eighth Blackfoot then I don't know the rest but I am also a lycanthrope you are not alone.


Shapeshifters are not supposed to be a good thing

For the Najavo and some other tribes they thought shape shifting was a curse. But i thought if you was a shapeshifter in a Cherokee tribe the humans in the tribe thought it was a gift

Yes it is considered a great and special gift.

I am also part Cherokee indian, because my mom's dad was part of it and he was from virgina too

Cool, is his last name by any chance Runyon?

My great great grandmother was the daughter of a cherokee chief

Thats amazing:) i have a family tree about my ancestor cherokee indians, i just need to find it

I am not sure

Ok, if his last name is Runyon then were related:)

lol :)

I am the 3rd Great grandaughter of Chief John Bold Hunter Bowles

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