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My dad is full-blooded Cherokee, and my mom is English/German. My dad was adopted, though, by white parents and passes as white, and since we never found his birth parents, none of us knew about this until very recently. I don't think I'll be able to ever officially "claim" Cherokee heritage, though, because his parents don't want to be found, so I don't have any ancestors or relatives to claim relation to. Nevertheless, I'm doing my best to learn as much as I can about my heritage, which means a lot to me, and hopefully learning more about who I am. I'm very grateful to my neighbors and good friends, Debra and Red Cloud, who are both NA and are being so supportive and helping me find what I'm looking for. I love you both. :)
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Be PROUD of your heritage! My brother-in-law is half-Cherokee, half-Engish. He is so pale, except for his cheekbones (which are usually high in Native American people) you wouldn't know it. I am extremely proud to brag about this "twig" in our family "tree".

There is a way to get your dads original birth cert , you can petition the courts if there is an ounce of Native blood in you . You can request them to open your dad original bc , Check the adoption laws in your state . They are all different , Im in california and am having a horrible time trying to get mine opened , . I was adopted by white parents and didnt know about my adoption till I was 43 so its been a crazy crazy journey . I am half cherokee .

My grandfather was half cherokee and my grandmother was half english/german as well! I can not claim either tradition as my identity. But I thank them for their very good taste in finding each other. : )

yes you can Lil Annie