In Love With The Cherokee Indians

My great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee from Oklahoma, the stories she told me of our people from days gone by. I am my great great grandmothers spirit reborn to this modern day situation that feels so awkward considering the spirit inside me dwells in the woods still, my heart is there, that is always where I can be found, listening to the wildlife echo my name. I am the drops of Jupiter that fall from the sky. I should not be here but I am and saddened to see what has become of my land. The white man murdered my ancestors and I wonder why I have been reborn, for what reason? I dwell in the woods in a treehouse by the river and still bathe in the purity of nature around me. I wish I could find a man that is like me and share my love for eternity of the forest and past.
ladyofthewoods ladyofthewoods
31-35, F
Dec 13, 2012