Discovering Me

Through a recent talk with my grandmother I discovered that she is half Oklahoma Cherokee on her fathers side. My grandmother was adopted and therefor we know very little of her fathers culture and I am so thirsty to learn more. However, my father is mexican and my mother is part german and Ive never felt accepted by these cultures and fear rejection from Native culture. For the majority of my life I have sought out a part of my heritage where I belong and I feel in my heart that this may be it. My reservations and fear of again facing rejection come from the fact that my grandmother is adopted and i cannot trace her paternal heritage. Also, my boyfriend is full blooded native and, although he knows that i am cherokee, he seems to dismiss it and reference me as being latina. I would love advice, input, info etc!
rvmc rvmc
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012