I Want To Be Like You....

I have always dreamed of going to live with the native Americans because it's more natural and I'm not the person that is into business and complicated things I just want to be free like all of u when I was younger I always loved Pocahontas I found her an inspirational to me and believe it or not I still do. I want to be part of the natives because there natures friends and I love nature... if I could just walk out my life I will come to live with amazing insperational people like you.... life is to complicated in the big city and hopefully one day I will come and live with you in peace for the remaining days of my life so now I want a native Cherokee name please comment and give me one thank you ..

naturesbeauty naturesbeauty
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

i stumbled upon the story of the cherokee rose... i love it ...

it was so cute of you to appreciate things like this :)