Mostly Irish, But Part Cherokee

I'm an unusual person ethnically I suppose. At least around this part of Indiana. My father was Irish-American and Native American from the Applachian Mountains in Tennessee, and my mother is Irish. So having been around said Irish family, I'm a darker looking(at times, and compared to my mums family) fellow who has green eyes and an Irish accent. Few believe me when I tell them I'm part Cherokee. Oh well, guess I just look/sound/act too bloody Irish! Haha. Cheers everyone.
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i'm cherokee/choctaw and irish on both sides of my family. whenever i tell anyone on the internet they call me a "cherokee princess" which apparently is an insult for people who "pretend" to be cherokee. which is ****** up because if i was black no one would bat an eye and i wouldn't have to pull out the ******* scroll with my families names on them!

I am irish, english, and cherokee on both sides of my family. I have pale skin with a lot of frecklesbrown eyes and high cheekbones. I was born and raised in NC, but my mother moved there from Alabama and was raised in LA and MS. The rest of my family have darker skin. I have been trying to trace back my ancestors which has led me to this site. My grandmother on my moms side was a Shanks (she was the cherokee I believe) and her dad was a Mayfield, but when she married my father we became Dolan (what used to be O'Dolan).
I wish I could trace this back farther. I would love to know more about the irish cherokee relationship.

I have seen the video of Floyd red crow waterman who compared the Irish with the plight of the native American by a system that was based on English .and selfish actions. I call out to all breeds that are in America and stand up to corporate smugness. I'm proud of both heritages and histories. I myself, married a woman who was more Cherokee than I was and had a beautiful daughter with so many gifts of both people. a dark skin, brown eyed girl with blond hair. mixed races may surprise a lot of people.

I am also half Cherokee and Half Irish my father is a Burgess and I traced my ancestry back to John Burgess born 1710 in Ireland. Eventually moving to the states and living in South Carolina. They were involved in the Creek and Cherokee Indian slave trading and that's how down the line which I can break down but would take forever my father because "mulatto" in his case half Cherokee and Half Irish. My mom is Full blooded Cherokee and her roots begin in Florida.

yeah ok but, does irish and cherokee indian put together make black irish? '.'

I'm like you. I can get really brown in summer. My Grandfather was Cherokee and white. I guess the white was Irish. We lived and I still live in Alabama. I have heard Full Bloods say there were no "no splinter" groups of Native Americans. That is pure Bull. I know a lot of Breeds. Full Bloods seem to not like us Breeds. I don't care. All that matters is that I know; and my ancestors know and I will see them when I cross over.

You are definitely not an uncommon 'American Blend', I don't know about the Indiana region but overall there's a lot of us around.. You may find (or in my travels, I found this to be true) that the majority of Cherokee/Irish Americans have an ancestry the trails back to Oklahoma.

Well we're all aware of how the Cherokee ended up in OK., via the infamous "Trail Of tears". Also during the early days of economy growth & business development on the East Coast, the Irish immigrants were looked down upon and ostracized by other European Immigrants as "white trash'. So when the OK. Territory was opened up to Homesteading many of the Irish who were suffering through the prejudice on the East Coast left to claim their lil' part of God's country.

Of course upon their arrival they (Irish) were still not accepted by the English, Italian etc., BUT the Cherokee (who suffered from that prejudice as well) were more than Happy to befriend the Irish! Now a few decades & generations later we have Cherokee/Irish Americans who's blend began in Oklahoma...

I am Cherokee and Irish also. I have jet black hair and green eyes. My mothers maiden name is Riley, she says they dropped the O. We are from Tennessee . We were literally raised on a river. <br />
The thing that I wonder about is that every male in my generation are alcoholics. Somehow I would like to find out if there are genetic factors from both backgrounds. My "granny" loved to tell stories and sing and dance, I do too! My brothers and sister and I all look Cherokee but my double first cousins (it's a hillbilly thing, NOT ******). All have Irish features. We are an interesting bunch to say the least! Congratulations on your rich heritage .o

i live in IN. 2 im irish/cherokee/greman/and a little guess im a mutt ..but both sides of my family have cherpkee in them and one is almost all greatgrasndpa is 103 this june..we have some longshavaite..know i didnt spell that right .lol sorry btu i have some of the greenist eys i know..tan great and have no bad things in my blood line it

My dad is part Irish and German, and my mom is part Irish and part Cherokee and my Great, Great, Great, Grandmother was pure blooded Cherokee. So I guess you could say I'm All

Irish, Scottish settled in the south east , thus the connection to Cherokee and Creek Indians<br />
<br />
Its Very common in this area (NW Georgia) , I happen to be Irish, Scottish, English, Cherokee and Creek <br />
<br />
My great grandmother was raised on a reservation, as for me I have blue green eyes and olive skin I love it!

I am also from Indiana, Irish, Scottish, Cherokee, and who knows what on my Mom's side (her father was born and raised in Tennesee with much appalachian influence. . .Been here too long to trace ancestry). My last name, being Blair, comes from Irish or Scottish ancestry (my dad's dad), and the Cherokee is all from my dad's mom who's parents were both Cherokee. Not too odd to be Irish and Cherokee--I hear of many people with this mix. . .Maybe there's a geographic/historical link between these two groups? I'd really like to know. . . A particular church movement, or a family or 'clan' from Ireland move smack into a tribe of Cherokees? Who knows?

I am one 1/8th Cherokee My grandfathers farther was Irish. His wife was Cherokee. I live in Ireland :)

I am 1/4 Cherokee and the rest is irish. Last name McGainey. Never been to Ireland but want to someday. I have black hair and eyes that change from hazel to deep green depending on my mood. My father passed away and never got to see his homeland but I want to try. We r from MD.

I'm 60 years old and just found out that i'm 1/16th Cherokee. My mother is Irish from Oklahoma and 1/8th Cherokee. I suspect she was "passing" so well so didn't bother to tell me. Probably a product of 1920's-30's racial discrimintation experiences. Back then if you could play white then why spill the beans? I'm still trying to get the info from a cousin but do know that the Irish were Kilpatrick"s, Fisher's, and Mullen's obviously potato famine immigrants in the 1800's. Of course my dad is English, and Dutch, and since his side came back in the mid 1600's it's probably some other mix is there. Typical American mut! I really do find it difficult to accept myself as a "man of color" or even a "mulatto".

lol my dads mostly irish. and my great grandmother was Cherokee.<br />
so im irish and cherokee...not to mention the other stuff.

I love your stories of the link between the Irish and Cherokee people. I think it goes further the irish emigrants into America came from a once great tribal culture themselves they understood what it was to have your nation destroyed with great brutality. As the English were settling America the same people (Raleigh, Gilbert) were describing the Gaelic tribes in the same terms as savages and setting up the first colonies using ethnic cleansing and badland reservations to get rid of the natives. It is notable that later on in the Mexican wars many of the poor catholic irish in the ranks despised by their protestant officers and ordered to murder and pillage the catholic Mexicans deserted to the other side. Google the proud story of the saint Patricks brigade in Mexico.

im irish of native decent,but my great grand father suffered depression and burned lots of photos i dont know anything bout him cept he was a half cast native american,but ive always felt a strange pull to indian culture since i was lil.

Mom is english, irish, german, cherokee, and american<br />
dad is scottish, english, irish, german, dutch, canadian and a few others he cant remember<br />
from aleon destiny

I am Irish and Cherokee as well. I am very proud of my heritage as I come from very proud people. I have the Irish freckles, green eyes and auburn hair but I have my dads skin coloring so I tan very good and I usually am not fair skinned.

I, on the other hand, have Scottish instead. I have Cherokee, German, Scottish, French, English, Dutch, and two other american indians that I forget the names of..

My husband has Cherokee and Irish heritage, as well. Though, his is slightly farther along the blood-lines than yours, hehe.

No, Irish and Cherokee is not at all uncommon, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. It may be unimaginable, looking through a contemporary lens, to understand just how much racial contempt the Irish endured in the 19th century. They were sent, with varying degrees of force, into Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle and so on, under circumstances that were not too different from The Trail of Tears. <br />
<br />
People (who have no way to know) have tried to insist to me that my great-grandfather must have raped my great-grandmother, but it simply isn't true. (We know for a fact that they had an interesting courtship and a church wedding). <br />
<br />
But to think of "Irish" today as somehow being an oppressed minority is rather mind boggling, since "we" are just "white people." <br />
But in my great grandparents' day, we (the Kiowa and the Irish in Oklahoma) were simply poor and ostracized.<br />
<br />
I can't believe you never meet other Irish-Cherokee people. It was actually quite common.

You live in IN? Me too. I am Cherokee, Powahatan, Irish, Czechoslovakian, German, African (Ashanti), Russian, Australian, Aborligan, and Enlgih though, soo. lol. I'm extremely mixed, and out of all of that, even when I was born and raised in Indiana, I still have a Southern accent, which is why I'm headed to Tenesee when I am old enough to move out, lol.