I hope I do not offend anyone, but wanted to share a little about my family. I grew up being told that my great-great grandmother was Lula Mae Hightower and possibly cherokee. I have always been proud of this. I was also told that I favor my grandfather who has features of the Native Americans, ie. high cheekbones, deep-set dark brown eyes dark hair. Anyway, since then I have read much on the history as I find it so interesting and want to know more. Not everyone is trying to be something they aren't and I hope that I am part Cherokee as I find it something to be proud of.

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Thank you Randy for the encouragement. I tried this several years ago after getting my first computer, not much luck. This go around has been much easier and its a great way to meet good people.

Thanks. It sounds like your on a path to a interesting and fun adventure.<br />
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Lots of luck and good thoughts to you.

Thank you FeeBee and Randy for your support. I wish the best for you both.

Makes sense to find the things which makes you have a positive outlook on yourself, while at it brings you peace.<br />
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Lucky you.

I wish that I could say I was Native American. I truely think they are the most beautiful people. Be proud!I have read much about the history of Native Americans.