Well..... No

I am 1/256 Cherokee. My kids ask me what that means. I say if you cut me up into 256 equal pieces, one of them is Cherokee.

When I was very young, my grandmother told me she registered me with the Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma. She was very proud that she was descended from a Cherokee woman named Cyntha Horn who, according to my grandmother, was a great woman. I don't know anything more about her.

My grandmother used to take me to the pow wows in Anadarko, Oklahoma and there was a historical play there based on the events that Cynthia Horn was involved in. I don't remember much about it, and I don't know much more than basic history. I had such disdain for my grandmothers' pride over money and class status, that I didn't pay attention to her pride in her Native American heritage.

So, no, I am not really Cherokee. I don't even know if I was really registered. I never tried to find out. I am beginning to take an interest in the Cherokee history, though.

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lol wat? watever u say...lol.

Yona everything we need is in our heart. We need to learn how to access it. <br />
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Why would you think I think you are stubborn, or closed minded? <br />
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Not everyone has Elders to teach them. Not everyone knows about the Spirits that teach.. What you say is true, there are some things that cannot be taught, but it's those things that makes the First Nations Peoples set apart from others. <br />
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We are all born with the information, waiting for a time to be woken up. Sometimes even with First Nations Peoples it doesn't get woken up, they choose another way, or they ignore it.

see you jus don't get it. some things just can't be learned like that. no matter how much a person reads or how much time someone spends with a native person its just not that simple. u probably think i'm just bein stubborn or close minded or somethin. but i think it would be close minded of you to not accept or atleast consider what i'm saying, about native culture or the way it is learned, to be true.

They learn Yona just like anyone else.

well...alot of it is in the blood. hows a 1/16 blood, who is more often than not farther removed from traditional ways, gonna know and practice more culture than a 4/4 blood?

My Cherokee Granmother taught me that being Cherokee is not in the blood, it's in the heart. So your interest now in the Tsalagi (Cherokee) must be coming from within your heart to search it out.

anadarko? maybe your kiowa or somethin. not really any cherokees in anadarko