Fire Water Good

  My great grandfather was an Irish immagrent who was crossing the Oaklahoma territory when his brother bushwacked him took their money and left him for dead.  Some Chawktaw indians found him took him back to thier village and took care of him.  He stayed for awhile fell in love with a indian woman who would become my great grandmother.  Sound like an old movie but true.  My grandfather use to joke that his boys when they got older would go out and get drunk and beat themselves up.  Both the Irish and Chawkta were natoriously great drinkers and like to fight when drunk. 

When they were 80 some odd years old they got a divorce said they had spent enough time together and did not want to waste the rest of their lives together.  My great grandfather died a 115years and my great grandmother just a little into her 100s.  Strong stout people.

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That is pretty cool how it happend.And what a long life for them.I love to hear how older people meet.Thanks for sharing!