How I Came To Be Anoli Hiloha

Love. Love is the greatest so I greet you with Love. My name is Anoli Hiloha which is a Choctaw or Chahta original name. Chahta is derived from Washitaw as was told to me by the Grandmother. I am what we now call African American. I consider myself half Americano and half Native- American. I was told by the psychic one that I have the Blood of Cherokee which is in the Chahta family from the Southeastern Tribes. I am from TN/GA. I consider myself not Cherokee but Chahta or Choctaw. My features are all Choctaw and I have a picture of a Choctaw group and my girl verifies that it looks just like me! One of the men is so identical it touches me. Anyway, I believe that the Choctaw are also Black in origin. Although there may be many Choctaw relatives of many races now. I accept them bu they need to know that the first Choctaw were "Black". The moundbuilders built the mounds around 3000 BC. A little before the Egyptians built the pyramids. "Black" people were constructing these ancient highly technological monuments around the world and the ancient statues with "Black" features that are pre-historic prove this. Therefore, I am Choctaw or Chahta/Seminole/Creek/Mouskegee/etc.. That is my Native-American family. Many "Black" people are descendants of Native-Americans but think they are pale-skinned Indians. They are descendants of dark-skinned Indians such as the Choctaw or Chahta. Love is an energy that superceeds race. Therefore, if you think and live Chahta, and respect its ways and customs and create new ones, You Are Choctaw Family. Love- Anoli Hiloha 

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Halito! I have several white friends that say I am "too white" to be Choctaw, even though I like my coppery-bronze skin. But I'm mixed (my dad is half white, and has gray eyes, and so do I). I was ostracized when I was growing up because of my caucasian looks, and embarrassed. When I left Oklahoma when I was 9 and moved to Texas, I was made fun of for not being white. I was shocked, to think that I wasn't brown enough to fit in one place and then too brown to fit in another. Now I just am me, a 3/4 Choctaw me, and that's the way it is. I'm not going to try to be anything else, and I'm a firm believer that the first humans were all a lot darker skinned than most white people would like to think.

Hi Anoli. I am also Choctaw and black. My great grandmother was full blooded. I have been able to trace some of my ancestry to Mexico. I'm seeking to go back even further. I know that there are many black people in South America. I will be investigating my father's side.<br />
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