Bad Medicine!!

because I am a fullblood Choctaw from Oklahoma.I very much am proud of my heritage to.Anyway on with my true story,Also everyone in this story are choctaw .In midmarch in smalltown oklahoma a family member was asked to come check something out at his wifes aunts house.She was freshly divorced from a man and she had custody of there 2 kids.She moved roughly 100 miles away from her old town to where she was at the time of this story.Now that your up to speed ,for a couple months or so her lil boy(2yrs) was always talkin to someone when noone was there.Sometimes he'd be happy and at times scared of his friend.Sometimes you can hear someone playin in all the rooms in the house or hear closets open and close when she was home alone.One night the family was all in living room and they felt something in the room with them then they heard living room closet shut.Outa the blue the son said mommy he's(melvin) in the closet.So she ran over there and shut the closet and put there sofa in front of it to keep it in there.Everything was normal for the next couple of days besides the occasional bangin from inside the closet.The boy was used to(melvin)and the noise he made but the other started to get really frightened by the noises and bangin.So she calls my cuz and he goes over there and checks it out and found out what he already knew.He opened the closet and immediately he felt a strong presense around him so he left pretty quick.So he calls his father who we all think is a medicine man,he tells my cuz what he needs to do and to have the family leave for the night,and they did.So next evening   we went over to do what needed to be done,first we opened all the closet doors, cabinets and everything that could be opened.We left entry and exit doors closed though to keep what was in there in.We smoked the house out really good with smokelots of smoke in every room and closet of that house.After we got every piece of cedar lit and smokin we got out quickly cause we didnt wanna see what was in there.So we get out and stand by rest of the family to observe.20 minutes went by and we heard strange noises from inside the house(creepy)and saw things moving around inside.None of us wanted to go take a closer look so we watched til we heard a side window break.What we saw sent chills through my body.A larger than normal owl busted that window to get out.It was hurt cause it couldnt fly right away so we tried to throw rocks at it or whatever we could but it went into a pasture and disappeared.Another 10 minutes or so went by and an even bigger owl almost a small person owl came out the same window and flew on there neighbors roof and watched us for a few moments til we got a bb gun out and shot at it.It was crazy unbelievable and I just couldnt take my eyes off of it.It circled around the family a couple times before leaving.They was screaming and yelling,(petrified)of the situation.So anyway they lived in that house for another month with no problems whatsoever then they moved.Come to find out it was her ex husband who had put badmedicine on the familys home trying to scare them because he was angry and jealous.So about a month or two ago the mom said that her ex husband and his brother died in their sleep of unnatural causes.My cuz went to visit his dad and he asked if he had heard the news about her ex and his brother and he said yes,then his dad said THEY wont be messing with that family or the kids again.

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I am a Caucasian male . I was married to an aboriginal woman . her family did not like me from the start , as soon as she left me I have been having bad luck ever since . I never used to believe in this sort of thing , but her family had always talked about bad medicine , her brother was gay and talked about putting bad medicine on his ex . I first of all wanna say it's pathatic where you have to make someone else's life miserable to make yourself feel better . I am not sure what to do about this , but it sure makes me dislike aboriginal people more than I ever have . I have not met a single one that has not been selfish , rude and racist .

What happens when love medicine is used on u? How do they use it? What do they need for example, do they need an object of urs? What happens to ur mentality? Can it go bad to u? Do u go crazy? What can u do to get love medicine off u?

I don't know anything bout bad medicine but I was told when I was eighteen that someone was trying to use bad medicine on me. Within two years after I was having bad nightmares of something taunting and attacking me. It would always be a dark figure. My mom had burned something blessed and smudged me with it. Then it went away. A yr later she passed from an annurism. After she passed I started having bad luck once again and bad dreams. My b.f. at the time started having bad nightmares of something attacking him. Our relationship ended within a yr.about two yrs later after I had my son. He was sleepin and woke to kicking off his blankets and pointed at the wall saying scary man go away. And I started hearing banging around my house and drawers open and shut. And everyone who happened to stay a wk or month or anything always heard something and my nightmares came back and I couldn't keep a job because something bad would always happen. I prayed and prayed everyday for about a month and smudged my place. It went away. Soon after I met my last ex of whom I've heard stories that his family messes with bad medicine. One night while he was sleeping I was in the washroom and heard a growl outsidee my window. After two months me unknowing he went to jail for murder and I had bad luck with everything but everyday all day all I could think of was him but everytime I would try and visit him in jail or contact him something bad always happened that I couldn't see him. So after two yrs of an off an on relationship. I finally got over him. But it seems like everytime I end it with him. Things go from good to bad. And. Once again I'm having bad luck, dept, bad dreams within the past two days..I've had dreams of crying. And just last night I had a dream of two red eyes staring at me and as I turned to run I saw the devil in the dark with a deep laughter in front of the door and I screamed. This morning I also dreampt of a wedding. Last month I dreampt of a funeral. I just started a job too and now I'm fforced to quit because I'm having issues again of banging noises. Seeing things at the corner of my eyes and very uncomfortable feelings. I'm 29 now and I almost think someone has medicine on me. But unsure if its medicine or bad luck or just my fate. I'm absolutely unsure. And I need advice if this sounds like bad medicine or a different opinion. Cause if its bad medicine I need help bad.

<p>Hello my name is Connie. I was married to a Cree man. <br />
when we were married it was great, but then he started going bald. His brother took him to a Medicine Man and was cured. It started again shortly but on me, nobody would help me. I divorced in 1994. I have gained over 100 lbs, got diabetes, losing my mind, very depressed and I never have money. I spoke with a Medicine Man who told me I had very bad medicine on me , but he would help me because he was my ex-husband's cousin. PLEASE PLEASE will someone help me?</P>

Hello my name is Brian and I live in Prince Albert. I am a white guy 31yrs of age, also a cree girl friend she is 33 yrs of age. I suspect that bad medicine has been used on me and my girl! I'm looking for answers. I want to see a medicine man, I think that I should anyway. If it possible I would like someone that knows more than me to fine me at 1-306-764-7362 or my cell at1-306-940-5256. Not to mention I would like to hear your story if u are interested in talking to me I think I could benefit from this and you could to!!! I hope that everyone is not as evil as they seem! This all started for me on dec. 20th 2012, a elder come to the house and said " you will get a knock on your door tomorrow and if you open it you will let the devil in!" Of course I laughed but I did not think this waz funny, very afraid i waz, almost like as if I knew it waz the truth! Well I did not open the door but sure as **** stinks I saw the devil! Anyway I can't lie about anything, GOD does not appreciate this type of behaviour, I'm sure u believe in him too! After the experience of medicine and seeing the devil himself,GOD was with me and i am not yet doing everything I need to be doing. I want to go to heaven obeying GOD is a must not just talking about how much I love him. He knows that when judgement day comes, there will be many to say, and also beg for forgiveness! Who is forgiven at this point is simply up to him! A lot of ppl wont get into GODS house and I'm praying that he has mercy on me, you all that is good, but also all those that are condemned to hell really need us to pray for them the most!

First of all...god is not a is a spirit with both female and male aspects to it. Maybe if you really read your bible...You would see that Jesus called himself the son of man and did say that god was a spirit!! Not trying to be rude...just tired of people not knowing what they're taking about. It's like the blind leading the blind...wish you all the best.

I need help, cause my moms boy friend is using love medicine on my mom and him and his side of the family are using it to harm me and my family. i know very little about medicine. other than love medicine runs out after 7 years and its hidden somewhere in our house. i getting vary sick and so is my mom. both physically and its affecting my moms mentality. he says his family is well trained in medicine and is from hollow water first nation. please! i need help! he is not my biological father either. someone please help me. cause he has turned my once happy normal family, into a bunch of sick and ill people. and like your experiene. there are lots of strange things happening in our house...

Hi I just came upon your story. Might be a little late but I'll tell you some things. sorry to tell you but whoever told about the 7 years thing is wrong. Firstly...ALL love medicine is of the dark side because you're bending someone's will to not let them make their own choice if they love you for you or not!! Usually the man will take one or more of her pubic hair...he then adds roots, flowers, grasses, even berries (the kind known all to "attract" women) with his own pubic hairs and intertwines the hairs

Sorry pressed send by accident! After the pubes are intertwined, he may even ********* on it. Then he will go to a very private place...maybe a native lodge or sweat lodge even, or his home while he's alone and will do a ceremony and pray or basically beg a certain human or unhuman spirit to do this for him. This is against native law but those kind of people don't care who they hurt. So it is the spirit and the guy's intent that give the spell power. Now bending wills WILL ALWAYS come back on them! But it will take as long as it can until it's taken off! Unfortunately, the reprisal will usually be a grandchild that will die because these are dark black spirits that do the bidding, even demons. And when you ask favours of them, they always want blood for it or better yet...a soul. Eventually she will get sick physically, financially, mentally and emotionally ...basically leading to her lose her mind and even her life too, especially if she didn't love him in the first place. If he's done medicine on you, I seriously suggest you see an elder medicine man...they know more! But make sure you ask people about him first to make sure he's/she's a good medicine man or woman. In the short term, you smudge every single part of your home. Get rid of all clutter. Look in every single place possible for little leather pouches or even knitted things and pray as you burn them. Smudge your house and body EVERY DAY without stop until you feel better and you should always smudge anyway for protection. Do not accept any gifts, drinks, NOTHING from ANYONE while you're cleansing you and your home. And by all means do not EVER invite him nor his "family and his friends" into your house. Oh and burn everything he's ever given you or your mom. Ask the Great Spirit or Creator to help you every day. And give thanks and gratitude. Take some apples and bury them in your yard as a token of appreciation for help. If you and your mom and kids are getting really sick, you bathe her and you and your children for 7 days in a row with fresh lemons, all over, every bodily place and pray and make sure to dunk your heads in this water 7 times. Yes you just cut up the lemons in halves or quarters and wash your entire bodies with them. I swear this works. If your having a regular bath, just do the regular bath first then the lemon one immediately after. OK ??? I hope this has given you some insight and especially HELP!!! Lastly, stay strong and say out loud every day, "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET ME/US. YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE ANY MORE AND YOU MUST LEAVE!!! IN THE NAME OF THE GREAT SPIRIT, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE!!! Please do this. I have helped many friends and family members with even worse things than this. I have even exorcised a couple people...and no I am not catholic either. I am a Metis (Cree/French) woman from Alberta. I'm still learning and never plan to stop learning and helping people who are picked on by evil people...there's way too many of them out there nowadays. I hope this finds you and lets you and your family get your lives back. Please take care and wish you all the best. G.

Not much I can add. The ones who say it is real and can harm others is telling it like it is.However it is best to focus on the positive and the holy.

Well it wasn't that the woman's family was to be messed with... there's a saying in our culture that when you mess with or use medicine to harm others... it comes back to you in forms stronger... <br />
<br />
all the medicine man did to help was to chase off the spirits... or well... exorcise them off you will... the spirits that left the house, well... they went to the ex husband and brother to get what they thought was theirs... the ex husbands life...

Interesting story, understanding of balance and inbalance. Bad medicine I don't believe in it, bad medicine came from the Europeans. The Naato'ninaa work only to bring about a good balance, where as, what you are claiming the 'EX' did was out of the inbalance. You have to understand the cosmic energy of the ancient people of each nation to understand what has happen. Today we are dealing with NEW PEOPLE who are from one of the many Native Nations. They are new because they no longer understand the ancient languge of their own ancient ancestors.

my name is buddy-a-nam-tay-say.a cherokee indian medicine not play around doing bad medicine if you do not know back fired on her ex and his brother.and the little boy would not have harmed them.if the ex and brother known what they were doing with bad medicine they would have sent a evel sprit to them.iam glad all things turned out good.buddy-a-nam-tay-say.

WOOWW...thats exciting...

An interesting story. Remind me not to get on the bad side of your family. Tell me; does bad medicine influence everyone or just those who believe? I'm curious because I want to understand.

Bad medicine comes from bad hearts. Good medicine from good hearts. Most native medicine men/women are taught from childhood about good and bad. It's just like everything will do the good way if that's what you're taught. Mostly they teach about bad medicine so you will be able to counteract it if you have to (and as medicine people, they usually will encounter bad medicine in their lifetime so they need to know how to take it off someone who is being hurt.) But then there are those who power trip and do bad because they can!! It all comes down to a choice in reality.