Losing the Culture...

I am only 1/16 Mohawk, but I am still sad to see the language and culture die. I learned a little Mohawk from my Great-grandmother when I was little, guay-guay and Ohno... I wish there was a class I could take to learn it!

Smeetoo Smeetoo
2 Responses Oct 20, 2008

The mohawk were among the Haudenosaunee, or what was called by the Iroquis federation. Long before America encountered Europe, and perhaps even before the Althing, they were among the first peoples in the world who lived in a democratic society by lifeways expressed by what we would call a "constitution", known as the Gayanashagowa. This is perhaps the most important legacy and lesson of Haudenosaunee culture. While other cultures seem to express achievements in pyramids and tombs, or what I like to call real estate, your ancestors worked on the hardest and I think most achievement of all; learning how to live better together as human beings.

I know exactly how you feel. The older people in my family could probably still teach me a few words (we're a mix of several tribes, but mohawk is probably the most predominant). But they still view the heritage as something to hide. Instead, they all speak French Canadian:P It's difficult to even find good literature on history or beliefs.