Missing Person

My mother’s family is from Ashville, North Carolina. Her father's mother was pure Cherokee. Little is known about her except she was Cherokee and her name was Fannie. Also, her husband had her committed to an insane asylum! Her death certificate gave a very common cause of death that would account for her “insane” symptoms. I can’t remember the clinical term, but it is basically a dietary deficiency from eating “bad” corn; corn (and potatoes) being a staple in most meals back then. Fantastically, the family story is that she cursed him when he had her committed. I like to think that is why he struggled with alcohol his whole life; however it’s more likely the mix between living during hard times and his Irish blood.

Well, I'm sure Fannie wasn't her given name, I cannot find a birth certificate, and since no one is alive that has memories or knowledge about her, I'm at a dead end. I have a fantastic and lengthy family tree but it's missing this special and important side of my heritage. Unfortunately, I guess I’ll be wondering about her forever.
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Aug 10, 2010