I was born in the Appalachian mountains... the Cumberland Gap to be exact..."Land of the Blue Mist" home to the Cherokee people... many from this area are descendants of the Cherokee people or the Scots-Irish...and some of us both, and then some.

My kinfolk are some colorful people... from variable shades of skin to attitudes,beliefs and obvious cultural deposits, so to speak.

I personally acquired the high cheekbones,almond shaped eyes..and  stick straight dark hair. My color varies with the peak of summer a lovely copper-brown shade with creamy undertones.

I have gray eyes.. that sometimes look blue or green, their shades vary as well.

It wasn't till I was in middle school..that became aware of our ancestral background.. no one ever discussed.. it was never a matter of importance. I asked my mom..and she had no clue.. Grandma told us was never discussed because her Father was a half-breed..and back then it was shame.

How sad is that.. that culture is washed out because other people find it a shame!




The Cherokee claimed some land in southeastern Kentucky and traces of culture of Cherokee type are said to be found in archeological remains along the upper course of the Cumberland, but no permanent Cherokee settlement is known to have existed in historic times within this State. (See Tennessee.)


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You should be very proud to be Native American. My great-grandmother was half Cherokee, and I always wished that I had more of the blood in me.

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of course he was!

my grandfather is an indian and when i was 4 years old i remember him taking me to an indian reservation, strapping the bells to my feet, pushing me in the circle, saying," you go dance" i was a tiny little blonde hair girl dancing with the indians.... maybe my grandfather was different i dont know,,,

Well, it was the mind set of the people back then.

I have some native american indian in me as well, or at least so I've heard. I can look at pictures of my grandfather (he was a good looking man!) and definitely see the influence.<br />
<br />
When my son was born (he and his twin sister) they were about 6 weeks premature. Babies at that point are about the same length as full term, but have no body fat. So the actual shape/structure of their faces are much more apparent. I remember seeing him and thinking that he look just like my grandfather, then I realized that I did too.<br />
<br />
So I am part native american indian too. Never even crossed my mind that I should feel any shame in it. IT just is what it is.

dare *not*.........<br />
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:^) :^) :^)

I dare not waste a minute... I hope.

Perhaps. Otherwise something wonderful will have been wasted. I've seen that before, and it is a loss to the universe.

ok..i can't make you stop.. but for the love of all that is pure ..try blushing sometimes PP! Oh.. thats right... you did.. when i shocked you with my horrid truths!<br />
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I need a teacher/guru... maybe one day I'll come into my own fully Indy!

Of course you are a medicine woman. You are a natural healer. And clearly you have connections to other worlds.

thanks PP.. you see into me.. *pokes him* stop that !<br />
; )<br />
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tis, true... my own father calls me medicine woman...*snorts*


yes and no.... I have read alot... but books only take you so far... records were poorly kept by the people... and hard to prove... I think if we could prove it.. (myuncle is still currently working on this) and get on the natl. registery.. it would open more doors.<br />
having it in mind and on my heart has to be enough..

That's cool that your awareness is more keen about this. Have you done anything to learn more about Cherokee culture, or participate in any traditional practices?