Hi George Lucas

George Lucas took some time to relax and found it hard to get back to work after getting up from his activities on today, tuesday april 24th, 2012. What he was doing I don't know but I got to see an image as him like a bee going from Left to right having a hard time getting off the ground. He went back to work sometime close to 7:30 pst. We all have our slow moments but even George has a hard lapses in his work focuses.

Not like this is anyone's business but hey he gives me leverage when he broadcasts images to me like that and I asked him in a letter to put me to work and he didn't so I hope this finds him and he realizes he wants me to know that even he could use someone to help him be more inspired about his life and activities.

I also had an experience that I should wait till the 9th of april before I as the last day I should wait to see if I should move away for other money making opportunities from where I am. That morning I felt George Lucas mind touch mind and I felt he made a decision he finalized his decision about whether to consider me for employment. The obvious conclusion was no. I can't say I know what was in his heart except that I wasn't at the forefront of it.

update 7-10-2012 I forgot to remark on an obvious conclusion about George's bee image. He obviously got busy with his "Honey" and had a hard time getting to work afterwards.

TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
Apr 24, 2012