Nanticoke Of The Delaware Tribes

I totally suck at math so unsure what % I am but my paternal great-grandfather was pure blood....
Took forever to find this info out from my family...apparently "you dont admit you're Indian and
you never let them see they hurt you!" as my Dad would tell us (my brother & I)
Odd but my mother's family actually looks more Native than my Dad's & her surname isn't
a normal surname & is maybe Native on both sides despite my fair skin, hazel
eyes & dark blonde hair! LOL

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My grandmother is from a tribe in Newengland. Not sure which one. My grandfather was a free methodist minister so marrying an indian woman was not spoken of in our family. Im very proud to be part Indian. Dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Pennslyvania here, Seneca, still searching, never know what you can find