Rose Mcgowan and I in a dream

Dream with Rose McGowen. She was on the top of a set of bleachers with some of her friends on the left and I saw her sitting by herself on the right and I said hi. I was glad to be close to her and to get to know her. She didn't want to socialize with me claiming I had an explicit chat session with a girl named Amy Adams. I wasn't very responsive to this insinuation and a few moments later I asked her to print out the transcripts and I'd review them with her. After the dream was over and I started to write this down I could smell that my roommate Eric has probably done this. She was holding it against me for a while and before I could get very emotional about it and was contemplating leaving because I hate to be guilt-ed by a woman in front of other women for something I couldn't imagine I'd do with a girl that wasn't mine she finally said we'd probably be great together and jumped on me. At least to my credit the other girls in the dream weren't really buying it. It was like a love making session from broad way. She started singing like it was a musical and making some clever lyrics to it. I couldn't remember much of the lyrics but she told me in her own words that she "c*ms twice without thinking." She liked the bottom position so I was on top of her as the musical / love making session was going on and I was thinking "should we really be having sex out of marriage?". Eventually I woke myself up from the dream because it was so real and I was concerned about breaking my more than decade long run with an impeccable record of staying out of trouble with women. Rose told me she had some kind of problem with someone who did something inappropriate sexually to her. I don't remember the exact terminology but it was before the musical started. I could actually feel pleasure coming from the contact around my genitals and it felt like they were making contact but not in the way I expected.

So I gather she probably likes the TV show Glee, she's likely to have been pretty conservative about who she's been socializing with for a while prior to this experience. She had a vibe that I'd expect from an intelligent woman. I admire her for having such a good libido. I had speculated that women that ****** fast do it largely because they're a lot more "Gay" for their man than the ones that don't. No man in his right man should complain about this and I think he "best be turned on" by it. This is a quality I hope to find in my wife because I'm not marrying a woman I don't want to be super gay for. Well Rose is gifted, no doubt. Nail a good man Rose. I don't think you'll be as interested in dating me in your waking state seeing that I'm not a well known person at this point. I sure can be a champion though so I won't tire when it comes to spending time and helping out my woman. Ann Hathaway was sitting in the bleachers in this dream as well which I thought was cool. I think she's either friends with Amy Adams or she thinks she's been a bit risque with how she uses the internet.
TheTristman TheTristman
26-30, M
May 23, 2012