North-east Micmac

I found out when I was around 9 yrs old that my grandmother was Mic Mac on my fathers side. I grew up not knowing my father's family because of my parents divorce when I was very small, all I knew was that he was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Maine and that he came from a large family of 13 children. When I first met him he told me his mother had died young of alcoholism, and later found out that alcoholism runs rampart along with diabetes in my family gene pool. It would have been wonderful to meet my Indian grandmother, I often wonder if my life would have been any different and in what ways. My other siblings and I have been battling the bottle for most of our lives, If I had never had one sip my life would have been different, but it is what it is...old cliche - but true.
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Fellow Maritimer here, trying to complete her family tree - despite some shockingly racist family members - popped by and was pleasantly surprised to see your post and experience that "small world after all!" feeling...Really wish you strength as you battle the bottle and other health issues..Both of my grandfathers had passed away prior to my birth, and I lost both grandmothers at an early age, but treasure the memories I do have of them.I identify with your statement!I think in general that the benefits of having elder family members around for the vital role-model position only they can fill is greatly underestimated in this "throwaway world" of today