I Do Not Look Right.

If you looked at my scrapbook of my mother's side of the family, one would notice a little white child.
That would be me. I have blue eyes, light brown hair, and freckles, but I was raised with the stories of my Native people, the Lumbee. Around my family, I never noticed how I looked different. But there was a day where I found everybody else notices.

I used to have a Mexican boyfriend, and we went into a Native American store together. I never thought to tell him how I was raised. So I went to the front desk asking "hello, what tribe are you from?" and my boyfriend began to laugh. When I explained how I was raised and naturally curious, he laughed and said "you realize you're white, right?"

Nobody ever questioned if he was Mexican. He was short, tan, with dark hair. He was lucky.

I always put down that I am a Mixed Race baby because I'm proud to be that way, no matter how I look.
Why do others make it so hard to be proud of my hertage? Why would so many people want to not include me for my looks?
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You and I have the same or near same problem. I was raised in a Native/white home. My Father was full Lenape and Mother German American. So my brother is dark and dark hair..me green eye,blond and white. When it was time to be taken to Dads Dads house. It is said when he saw me he asked if there was a mistake and said "dam she so white, just like Buffalo Woman there(Mom)". So when he named me it was White Buffalo Woman's Calf. So all growing up I was Buffalo Deb. I have always been proud of my native name and English name.But as I grow older is was always hard on me at Pow Wows with full bloods calling me white or reverse apple...I never give them a hint that what they say hurts and its fun sometimes when I take out my card and show them and then ask where theirs is?? That shut them up.. I learned very early that I was going to be the best ME, Me can be. I am a proud Native American and Lenape American and White American. I am a lesbian, and being a two-spirit has been a learning event in it self...lol My hope is it will get better for the younger folks as we get farther away from hate. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL

You know we are all human and one of our down falls is that we see the outside and not the inside of others. It is sad that we do this but it takes some training of our parents and how we raise our children to make our kids better then our generation. Sorry the world is not ready to know who you are before they say who you are. Keep you head up God made you and plan you life just the way it is because he gave you the gift of getting to know people for who they are before judge them by there looks. Be bless.

People are ignorant and I don't mean that in an insulting way. People don't realize that it's not all about your skin color. We come in different shades but esecially if you're bi or multi racial. My family comes in all shades because of our ancestry.