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I Need Help.

When I was born, my mother marked "caucasian" or however you spell it, on my birth certificate. However, my father is 50% native american, 50% irish. My grandmother on his side was full blooded Cherokee. My mother is also 50/50, and her grandfather was actually raised on a Native American plantation. Now that I'm almost 18 and going off to college, I want to embrace my culture, but I also need desperate help to pay for it. I know that you get amazing benefits for being Native American, and since I have to pay for all of this on my own it would help out soooo much if I could get my true ethnicity onto my records. Does anyone know how it's possible to do this?
broadway5424x3 broadway5424x3 16-17, F 1 Response Jul 7, 2012

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Why not just get a job & bust your *** to get good grades, should have applied yourself moree to studies & better grades in highschool to earn scolarships for academics. I KNOW i probably sound like an A** hole, but if you want to ride Affirmitave Action through colledge future employeers will wonder if you know your stuff or if they just gave you a grade because you got a worthless white mans pity pay. Yes, I am also shown as caucasin, but have Cherrokee in my herritage too. Ask your red realitives which they think would mean more. Did you earn it or was it given for just walking on campus because you have Native blood in your veins? White man giving white man white mans money to give you wall paper whether you learn anything or not.

fyi, I do have a job, and I've worked a full shift everyday for the past two weeks thank you very much, and I have a 3.7 GPA. I'm not retarted. But a seventeen year old still can't pay 88,000 by herself. And yeah, you do sound like an *******. So before insulting me, how about you get your facts straight. K, thanks.

and also, I can't exactly ask anyone considering my grandparents are dead and my dad left me when I was three.