Great Spirit Give Me A Vision...

Awaiting Eschiel
By: Nehemiah lyrics and my interpretation

As remorse awakes,
I reach these open arms out towards fulfillment,
But again return with emptiness in this celestial,
cessation of time.

(As I evaluate my life I begin to see and question for what was it all? For what did I run this race and still felt so empty, spiritually poor at such a ripe age...I awaken to my own emptiness of soul...and my despair which material riches could not comfort...celestial cessation in time while as a human living a spiritual experience...or is/was supposed to live one rather I felt spiritually numb all my life...)

Too soon this door was shut so tight.
Bowing down to an untrue fate means a lesser existence.

(My soul died too soon, before physical death...untrue fate, I was living but not really living)

Arise the frustration from my thickened throat,
where confusion etches its mark straight into my chest.

(Thickened throat, I couldn't sing, there was no song in my heart no more...confused or so lost it killed a blow to the heart...was it a mark of what? had me so down and low, and when I finally get up again it would be a mark of victory...when I look down upon it knowing where I have been until now)

I can't fall again until you help me up.
For far too long, i have searched,
For the beauty that you create.

(I can't fall any lower, how low can you go? I've hit rock bottom... When you come with your Love Great Lord I would want to fall again but this time I don't want to stop falling in your love, like diving off an airplane, that adrenaline rush that makes me feel alive, I never want to fall to the ground, just stay there in the moment of falling into pure Life...a feeling of being alive AGAIN... For far too long I've searched for the beauty you create... For you to touch my soul... I didn't know until now that I've finally seen...)

Lift this blanket of desperation from my heart,
To reveal my lost soul.
On my bed of stone, i await your return.

(Awaken your Spirit in me, let me see it in All around me and in lost soul...your Spirit my Ultimate Lover... On my bed of stone... My heart was like stone cold before you came with your fresh warmth to rejuvenate and give me a heart of flesh... I slept all this time before I decided to see a premature Death before I embraced your Spirit that is Life itself... Come to me and let me see you today and forever more!)


PS funny note:

Eschiel Angel Stops Drug Abuse, Self- destruction.... Zombies are always on drugs...the illusion of materialism keeps them high but very low in spirit!!!!

indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Sep 12, 2012