I Can't Believe How Ignorant Some People Are

i recently went on a trip to vermont with a bunch of friends, and they brought friends i didn't know. the people who didn't know me were amazed with the fact i was native, and asked me things like "teach me your ways" or "so you live in a teepee?" it was really annoying, but nothing new, people do that to me all the time. then we went to this little country store, and they had a stereotypical indian statue that was at least 6 feet tall. i gave the store owner a look, and she said "what? that's offensive? i don't find it offensive. i traded for that, it's sacred. you can't say it's offensive, my great great great grandma was indian, and i don't think it's offensive." i just rolled my eyes at the wannabe and got some jerky. while i was eating the jerky, one of the boys i didn't know said "is eating that to honer your forefathers or something?" i couldn't help myself and i burst out laughing, and said "what?" and he still looked at me with a serious face, waiting for an answer. then later, the same boy was outside, and he was peeing in the open area. and i mean right out where we could all see it, no trees no nothing. i said to him "what are you doing?" and he said "peeing." i said "no kidding, i mean why are you peeing in the open, it's weird." and he said completely serious and all "oh, is it strange to your people? i'm really sorry to dishonor you." and he put it away, and looked really embarrassed. i said " dude, what i meant was most people find a bush." and seriously, i'm a girl and i found that disgusting. later, i saw one of the other boys batting his hand over his mouth, and talking to his friend. he said "so bet she goes to powwows and sh*t. ya know, banging the drums and playing the didgeridoo" i thought really? the didgeridoo? that's an australian instrument. and then they batted there lips again and laughed.

i just can't believe people are so ignorant, that they really believe these stereotypes.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Typical ignorance, they don't realize not all Natives lived in teepees and ate buffalo.

I had to deal with this **** growing up hun, but you gotta stand up and talk back, because most kids don't understand mocking others is completely wrong. It's quite sad and pathetic IMO. This goes to show how ignorant boys can be and they were trying to find a weak point in yah, glad you pulled through though.