Being Mistaken For Other Races

i was walking, and a stranger comes up to me and starts talking japanese.

me: what?

stranger: aren't you japanese?

me: no i'm cherokee...

stranger: turkey? your from turkey?

me: no, cherokee, indian

stranger: ohhh, from india

me: no, native american

stranger: oh wow! really? do you live live in a tipi? where is your bow and arrow? can i touch your hair? it's so amazing!

everyone always mistakes me for japanese or middle eastern, and allot more. i was once talking to a man who asked me my name, and hearing my indian last name he said "what is that? what's your ethnicity?" when i told him, he said "ohhhh, i thought you were hispanic or something." (although i am part mexican)

has that ever happened to you? what do you get mistaken for?
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I'm part cherokke Indian and get mistaken for being Asian all the time even by Asians lol

Yep, I've dealt with that ****, schooled them too. I don't take that BS when they ask those redundant questions. Then they don't talk to me anymore.

I have been noticing races like never before. Have you ever noticed the similarity in Native American and some island races? I don't count as anything. I was told that by a Full Blood once. My Grandfather was half Cherokee and half white. We never told many people. My mother told me when I was about 18 and she said to keep my mouth shut. She said my Grandfather had to fight because of the name calling when he was young. I said that word H/B and she nearly slapped me. Even if the Full Bloods don't count breeds, I learned a lot. When I was really small I learned how to live off the land and work. We had water from a well and my mom washed clothes in a black cast iron pot which was over a fire and then rinsed them in another cast iron pot. We ate squirrel and rabbit and turtle. Once we had to get water from a creek to use for bathing. We had a bubbling spring on our property and my Dad fixed it so the water would run in and out and we had clean water. My job was to bring up enough water to use to wash with and get water out of the spring to drink. I don't care what Full Bloods say. I know what I am. Can you tell me why Full Bloods say if you are a Breed that you are a Wanna Be?

first of all, a breed is just a term used by white people. you are not a wannabe. a wannabe is someone who possibly has an indian ancestor way way way back, and tries to act like it makes them indian. you don't have to be a full blood to be indian, you just have to be a tribal member. if you were raised in the culture and are a member of a tribe, you are 100% native. it has nothing to do with blood quantum, we don't come in parts. and those "full bloods" are obviously ignorant, and aren't real indians, because real indians, are the ones that have it in their heart. me? my dad is a full blood, my mom is mixed mexican and native, i am a member of a tribe and i have it in my heart. that is what matters.

In some pictures I look Native American, but other times I might look asian or the other mixes I'm mixed with. Are you full Native American? I wish I was full, but said to say I'm only 1/8. Actually this kind of reminds me of when this guy from India came up to me and started speaking in his language. I just spoke English because I didn't know what he was saying so he went off.

I know someone who is half native american, and she looks very asian. lol, it's interesting.