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I'm 1/4 Menominee, when people find out my grandfather was Native American the first thing they as is Cherokee? I say no Menominee, and there response is 'what'? People don't understand how many tribes there were or the differences between them, for example the eastern tribes lived in different structures and ate different foods from the western tribes. Also I love how when people find out I'm part Native they say 'oh me too' when I ask what tribe? Yes you guessed it Cherokee, the Cherokee were great people who suffered a lot of injustices, but there were many other tribes who did as well.
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I'm 3/4 white so I'm actually mostly of European decent, but I have a lot of my grandfather/father's traits, if you look at my brother you would never tell. It's something I have always been fascinated in. Ive; studied a lot of Native American history,traditions etc...It's a part of my background and I'm proud of it. Sadly most of my father's side has passed I have very few relatives left in Wisconsin and don't have any contact with them. I'm not close to my family at all (my mother;s side) I have always felt like a black-sheep because of my views and ways. My uncle is 1/2 Blackfoot and a great man, I just have a different outlook on life and live a different lifestyle then my family. I love them but my childhood wasn't the best and I felt like I could have been helped more instead of shunned and always blamed for things..anyway it's nice to talk to you. Also I didn't know that about Sheila Tousey, thanks for sharing that I always thought she was pretty.

yeah, i know what you mean. i'm cherokee, a real cherokee, and whenever i talk to people, the first thing they ask me is "what tribe are you?" when i say cherokee, they always say "oh, me too." so i ask what band, and they say, "oh i don't know, just cherokee." it annoys me, because they are obviously not tribal members, if they don't know what band they are. i'm cherokee nation oklahoma. when i say that, they always ask "what's the difference?" and i have to explain that there are three major bands of cherokee, and tons of unrecognized smaller ones. i really want to say, if you were really cherokee, you would now that. but i don't say it because i don't want to be rude. the thing is, why do the wannabes always claim to be from MY tribe?

Because the Cherokee are the most known, popular tribe. There was only 1 Menominee tribe but 5 distinct clans, but it's a small tribe and almost know one has heard about it, as far as wannabees, I guess it's cool to be Native nowadays, wish people had thought that way hundreds of years ago..I guess like some white kids strive to be black..

yeah, i guess. i've heard of the menominee tribe. actress sheila tousey is menominee. and yeah, it sucks that wannabes weren't there when we actually needed them. there's actually a song, where were you when by Floyd Red Crow Westerman about that.

Soooo the other day I met a half indian half itallian...... When I met him he said HOW- DE- **** are ya????