Cherokee and Blackfoot

 M y family is Cherokee and Blackfoot. I don't know much about our family history I know as far back as my grandfathers father on the Cherokee side. I know that his father killed a man and changed our last name. No one know what our last name is so it's hard to find out anything about our family history. My grandmother died when I was young so not to much is known about both sides of the family. I know that my grandfather was full blooded Cherokee and Grandma was Blackfoot with a touch of Irish. That is about all I know.
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My grandma on my mothers side was Blackfoot Indian...and there are family members on my fathers side that are Cherokee..I am also proud of this heritage although I dont know much more past what I just posted.Would really like to find out more....

Wow, I know I have Chickasaw, Cherokee and Blackfoot (I guess Blackfeet). I also had someone tell me about capita payout. I am not looking for such a thing I am just proud having such a great mixture of many races I am can relate to.

Hmmm, you are kind of late...on the reply. Reading what I typed via my iphone, it was amazing to see the typos...Anyway, qualifying NEVER crossed my mine, but what you wrote could be true. It is a shame that race always is the bottom line...such a trivial thing. What is your purpose and heart's path?