i was born right here in the good ol' U.S.A. that makes me a native american. now what most of the people in this group should be saying is that they are indigienous americans or possibly aboriginal americans as anyone who was born here is a native american.

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did yall know the politically correct term is now 'american indian' instead of native american. anyways thats just what white people call us. we just call ourselves indians.

Eh, but I'm one of the few cases where the hyphenated is accurate. I don't even want to step foot in the other story I commented on because the Asian-American thing is important to be because of how I lost my grandfather, the bloodshed my father witnessed as a child, the liberation of both my parents, and the duality to my own history. If I see people disrespecting or berating me for my comment when I was trying to respect their will hurt a lot because...they never found my grandfather's body in the Philippines. I can't forget that part of me...<br />
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Maybe most people don't fit the hyphenation after generations being settled in America but I do. My dad is an old school republican so it was all American. "My American children". Except he was not American by that definition even though he served 40 years in the military. Even though he was more loyal and proud than most anyone I knew. This whole ordeal makes me sad...<br />
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No one is truly American. This is one large immigrating piece of land and had been since the nomads and way back to the Neanderthals. <br />
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Then we could go's not American, it's North American. What about the South Americans? Isn't Mexico and Canada in North America but they aren't considered Americans...<br />
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I don't think I want to talk about this anymore. I get sad every time I see these stories. Even though I can see where people get this logic, it leaves the rest of the people out...

actually most of the labels were created by the politically correct crowd who are so worried about offending anyone so they created all of these labels in that effort. to me those labels are all terribly offensive to me its like they are saying a black man or woman is not truly american instead they are "african-american" this just seems insulting to me. alas i am definitely in the minority on this issue because the american people have embraced these labels

yes, that is technically true..but you should tell that to the US government as they are the ones that create LABELS in the first place.