Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

I am not an official member of the tribe.

I live in California.

My grandmother always told us she was Native American and I finally found it in the family tree.

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im full native all the way up to my great grandperants that i know of. i have to look up how far it goes. on paper im 1/2 navajo and 1/2 laguna pueblo.

Oops, I mispelled it, it doesn't have an e...<br />
whoa, Caliper. -my family is from ...uh, let me git the book...

My native American roots came from North Carolina. My Great grandmother on my father's side married an Irishman and had about 8 children to work their farm. I know little else. I currently live on the Chesapeake Bay, which I found amusing when I read your story. Halo. We may be distant relatives.