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My grandmother was 1/2 cherokee indian.  She said that I was a shadow walker. Can anyone tell me what that means?

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A Holy Man, Slow Turtle once told me that the Great Spirit gave me the gift of walking both sides of life, the spirit and physical world. I had so many questions but I can tell you that after 30 years I have learned so much and yet only scratched the surface. I can't speak about others for I have never met one long enough to truly get to know them. They always leave when I reveal myself to them. Like Ottermother says below, I believe there is a fine line and like anybody, we choose what side of the line in life to follow. Shadow Walkers have the ability to gain a great deal and hurt people IF their hearts are in the wrong place. This is the type of person she is talking about but like a priest, shaman or healer the shadow walker if true to the heart of the Great Spirit is seeking knowledge and wisdom to only help His people..............ALL peoples. I never ask for anything and I never lie about what I have seen or told when I share with others. It is never about me but the glory of our Creator. The other thing about shadow walkers is that we are almost never noticed even when walking amongst the people that know use. We walk in the open and it is like we are walking in secret and most of those that I have helped live in denial and many don't talk to me unless they are seeking favor. It is a lonely life of denial by others but the rewards of the spirit and animals is awesome. Have you talked too and hugged a tree today :) Go in Peace, for today is always a good day.

I am athabascan from alaska.. I wasn't very familiar with shadow walkers but the elders in my community used to tell me about light walkers, I used to like listening to all sorts of stories about them.. not at all evil, they seemed to be extraordinary human beings, I guess today they're powers would be called esp, many of them were 'friends' with entities from other planes, they all had some little power, some could see into the future, some could hear people's thoughts, some could see ghosts, or other entities on the other planes, heard stories of how they put spirits in dolls to watch dangerous people, they all did some crazy stuff, some could recall their past lives, share dreams, use energy, they mostly were known because anywhere around them life was abundant (easy hunting for people around them lol) but even though they were mostly good, they were also known to walk straight with a crooked stick, so if you kept pushing one around or if another 'shaman' kept harrassing them, they would resort to doing something back but it wasn't common. Some were known to be great healers (but would die young, their powers were thought to be at great cost) and most were known to be rough of manner, but were salt of the earth types, the most powerful ones were pure of heart (extremely important to them) and almost every single one lead tragic lives. Mostly they are usually extremely nomadic, not confined to Athabascans only, I heard there are light walkers from every race, always on the move, and whether they knew it or not, they were mostly protectors and guardians in this world... and they vanquish evil when they find it :)

I am a card carrying Cherokee. Not a fake one. The Amonsoquath have no standing and have no history. My ancestors believed in the Shadow Walker. This is a specially born person who has walked in many different lifetimes and can recall them. They can draw on knowledge of the past. They walk also between the two worlds, the one seen and unseen; or what some might call between the living and dead. Yet, the Shadow Walker knows that death is not a finality. It is the true reality. You won't hear of any Cherokee believing in Shaman, we didn't have them. What we had were priests and healers. Many of those understood the two worlds and were Shadow Walkers. I know three Shadow Walkers among our people. They are good, honest, dependable people. They live simple lives and have given all they owned to others.

SKIN WALKER - a legend among Navajo and even Lakota Indians. the legend says the skin walker is a human with terrible magic powers. He is said to be able to turn into an animal by wearing its skin. The best known skin walker form is a wolf or coyote. The skin walker can mimic the voices of other people. The skin walker may have been inspired by the coyote, which is depicted as a prankster in Native American stories. a similar being was the berserker, a human who gained amazing strength by wearing the skin of a bear.
Navajo legend says that its eyes glow like an animal’s eyes in human form and not glow in animal form. The skin walker also inspired a Hopi Indian ritual called the ya ya ceremony, where people are said to become animals by wearing the skin of an animal they killed. The Hopi use certain attributes like strength or sight from the animals. The ritual was banned after members inexplicably developed eye disease. Often, witnesses say they saw an animal attacking livestock. When they try to shoot it, the bullet has no effect. The only sign of a skin walker is animal footprints that become human footprints. Some say that when the skin walker changes from one animal to another, it leaves the first animal's skin behind.
According to one legend, the skin walker can read minds. It can live among people and is not easily noticed. But look at the attributes below that some fraud attributed to Shadow Walker. Those are the attributes of a skin walker. Among the Cherokee the most terrible skin walker is the Raven Mocker, kalanu ayeliski . The only way to destroy a skin walker is to say his full name and the skin walker will die three days later, because only saying its name can destroy a skin walker, only people who know the skin walker can destroy them. (There is much more to do than this in order to destroy their power). To destroy a RavenMocker there is more that must be done.

I don't know what it means to Cherokee culture and I am not Cherokee but I have experienced a shadow walker. I just think of them as ghosts, or a spirit connected to you. around the time these strange things were happening like electric doors long opening before or after I walked in a library and people, animals or spirits communicating with me through them to the point it felt like someone was walking around with me everywhere looking over my shoulder and reading what I was writing or even could read my mind, then strange materializations of those thoughts or writings were occurring to me or to others around me but it was all jumbled up like a spaghetti bowl or anti-narrative film and not much made sense.

light bulbs where breaking and lights blinking when the ghosts were communicating to me. this even happened recently ...I thought I heard a ghost tell me something???

when I had a dream I seen this small embryonic former or future self or a past life or a spirit keeper behind me wired up from my spine so many miles meters away. but it could have been the shadow walker ? or alien ...I have no idea. I think spirits have an alien or outer world quality to them like aliens ... so maybe there is a great spirit in the sky and each of us have spirit guides or guardian angels ...

your guess is as good as mine.

Is your grandma a Cherokee princess?

The Shadow Walker means something different to every Tribe.

To the Cherokee Tribe, it is NOT good.

I am Cherokee I hope you are NOT a Shadow Walker - see below:

The Shadow Walker

There is not one of us who has not been taken in by a Shadow Walker.

What is this thing that causes so much distress in our lives?

A Shadow Walker is a person who wears many masks

(we shall use the empirical "he" here; not to denote gender, but for simplicity).

He is the person who oozes charm to everyone he meets.

He offers help and assistance, support, loving kindness.

He is the perfect good will ambassador with lofty ideals,

great concern for the welfare of mankind

and a deep belief in the brotherhood of all people.

What a wonderful person! You get to know him.

You relax around him, begin to rely upon his word and his judgment.

You confide in him about your work,

your family life and the most personal aspects of yourself.

He is your friend. He would do anything for you.

You trust him. He is not real.

It is a mask he wears in public

that has nothing to do with the reality of who he is.

The Shadow Walker will take all your confidences and use them against you.

He begins to gossip about you.

He twists your words to use to his own best advantage.

He makes false accusations about you and,

because everyone knows what a wonderful and caring person

he is, he is believed.

He steals your thoughts, words,

and the plans you may have shared with him, and makes them his own.

He takes full credit while laughing at you for being a fool.

You have been betrayed.

He takes advantage of every good thing he has learned about you,

and then turns his back on you. He is finished with you.

You have nothing more for him to take.

He moves on to his next mark,

oozing charm and self confidence.

The Shadow Walker is dangerous.

He has destroyed marriages,

stolen lives,

cost some their jobs,

and driven some to violence, alcoholism, drug abuse, or suicide.

More often than not,

the Shadow Walker is the product of an environment

which battered his own view of himself until

he was convinced that he had no value.

His self esteem and feelings of personal value

and self worth have been virtually destroyed.

At some point, he has learned to lie, to steal, to manipulate

and to "con" in order to create an image of the person he considers successful.

He does this by absorbing the heart,

spirit and essence of those he admires but can never be.

Nothing is beyond him, and nothing is sacred to him.

He has learned how to create the mask that

will give him access to people he considers valuable to him.

He actively searches them out.

He uses them up and throws them away.

How do you fight a Shadow Walker?

You can't.

Once you have been chosen as his mark,

everything you do will be used against you.

If you speak out against him,

you will only arouse sympathy in others for him.

If you try to fight him,

they will defend him.

He is a master at his game,

and you don't even know the rules.

The natural reaction is to strike back in anger

and righteous indignation.

The need for revenge is strong.

You have been betrayed at every level of your being,

and the hurt you feel is intense.


a financial loss may also be involved.

If there is legal action you can take,

then take it

and leave the details of the battle to others.

I have worked with many people

who have suffered at the hands of such deceivers.

The only way to effectively deal with a Shadow Walker

is to distance yourself,

cut your losses,

learn your lesson,

and walk away.

Rebuild your own dignity and value as a human being.

Don't allow your feelings against the Shadow Walker to alter your dealings

with other honorable and ethical people.

Control the impulse to be overly suspicious

and distrustful of everyone.

It's a natural survival instinct after such an experience,

but remember what life was like before the Shadow Walker.

You are a good and honorable person.

This is the belief and attitude

that will carry you through the ordeal.

Be strong, for you walk in the light.

Author Unknown


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Thank you for sharing your amazing truth.

I'm a shadow walker and Arapahoe, ok Im going to try and explain this. Like spirit walkers, skin walkers, healers, and shamans, we have are own path to follow from are own natural gifts. Basically a shadow walker is someone who walks the line between life and death. We are gaurdians for those who die and come back because it was not there time yet, those that haven't finished there mission in this life before they are reborn to the next. Some times we council and guide and some of those that master there gift can step into the after world when we know someone who is dead or dying and guide there soul back. Again only Masters can do so, don't try alone have a actual shaman present when trying.

I hope this helps you though to better understand and remember use the information wisely.

i know what you mean about the light and the dark. i have spoken with others of the native american race. they have always said that they feel like i am looking into their soul. some comment that they feel as if i know their thoughts and their secrets. i have experimented with this, and found that the truth is i do. i have made other discoveries as well. i just wish i knew someone like me.

Hi there, I just had a dream last night where my father (recently deceased) told me that I am a shadow walker too. I'm looking for information just like you... He told me in the dream that because I am both white and native, I can walk the line between light and dark. He told me to be careful though, because it can be very easy to cross to the dark side. I am honoured to have had such a spirit dream, but it does scare me because I do talk to the spirits and I'm having a hard time discerning the good ones from the bad - are the "good" ones actually good, or are they tricking me? I don't know. Maybe I'm just nuts - just kidding! I know in my heart this is real and I wish someone could provide us with more info about shadow walkers - I feel it is important to find this info out, especially now when our world is going to hell. If you or anyone can help me, please contact me here and I'll give you my email - maybe we can help each other :)

One who walks the line between light and dark, with no ties to either side. With no morals or emotions clouding their judgment, a Shadow Walker is able to accomplish tasks and solve problems in the most efficient and logical way. I got this answer from the urban dictionaryBut who said you were a Shadow Walker, was that person 100% Native American, if so you should ask another person of the same ethic background