Cherokee And Proud

Unlike my father and his side of the family, I'm proud to announce that I am part Cherokee!  Never will I hate who I am and where I came from.  Now if only they would teach me the ways instead of shuning our heritage.

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they do not teach outsiders their ways. they show them some but others are kept secret. my grandmother showed me alot of their ways. she told me to keep things secret. good luck with your journey.

@PaperTowns: I agree with you that more people should be proud of who they are and where they come from. Anymore these days too many people are ashamed for fear of persecution for who they are. I blame society for a lot of people hiding their true selves.<br />
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@rob57: Had the Native Americans won the wars the US would not be the way it is today, imagine what would have happened had they won and ran the white man off of their lands? ;D Although there is still a decent number of Native Americans in the US today, they are mostly concentrated in or around the Reservations; although I would recommend getting into a verbal debate with me over their conditions and what happened to them. I find this to be a very sensitive subject and even had the balls to walk out of class in school when the subject of the Trail of Tears came up. =D

I think being Native American would be awesome. I wish Native Americans would have won all the wars and still be here. I think it sucks what white people did to the Indians. I'm not Native American but I have great respect for them. I have Native American tatoos and my house is decorated with all Native American decor.

I'm cherokee also :D. I think thats awesome that you are proud of who you are. No one should have to feel like they are ashamed and should hide their heritage.