Just Found Out .......

i live in australia, im 16 this year and im a male and my mum just told me a few weeks ago...well i asked her then she told me.... that she is iroquois and i was like ...whats that ? then i asked my father and he said that he is half mohawk an half aussie i was like howd you get the aussie....and then i asked grandad and gandma and we ll the story all was blah blah and my grandfather and all of his family came over here an yer you know how things turned out ...haha then i asked my grandparents on my mums side and they left the country cause they were in love and wanted a new beginnig or sumthing .... ever scince then ive been sooo happy to finally find out ... i was thinking i was a kiwi (new zealand)or something soo really im like half iroquois and 1/4 mohawk and 1/4 aussie :P haha yer im happy .... done some research x

DmanReapz DmanReapz
18-21, M
Mar 1, 2010