Spirit Speaks Louder Than Blood

A random thought;

First of all, I am Native.  I am Blackfoot and Cherokee, which are both a beautiful people, and I am proud of my heritage.

Still, I think we put too much stock into blood.  I can understand that it is necessary to do so, due mostly to alot of (also necessary) "red tape".  But what people feel is also important.  I've always thought that a person doesn't have to be Native to be Native.  Any person of any color can share the love of our people, the earth, of spiriuality, and any other number of things that make us define what we are.  So, this is my miniature nod to all of those wonderful "Native on the Inside" people, because spirit does indeed speak louder than blood. 

darkstormstress darkstormstress
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Very true, like the (Australian) aboriginal belief that some people share the same Dreaming and that as a result they are the same, regardless of how different their origins.

I think we've all been stared down by the odd squirrel. Ooh, the other day, this raven was following me around! He was on top of a building, chillaxing, but whenever I'd take a step, he'd "Graw!" and scoot closer. <br />
I think he was hungry.<br />
This message was relevant.

I Agree with you, Darkstormstress. I have firm beliefs in reincarnation of our ancestors, human and animal alike. Our ancestors are sacred to us, so it is my belief and practice, to treat everyone as if they were my equal (no matter how hard that can be at times..) You never know who you may be looking at next time you look into the eyes of that homeless man on the corner, or that squirrel that just seems to keep staring at you!